I ended up on the couch most of the day yesterday, so sleepy.  The children were put in charge of our dog’s birthday party. 

I almost gagged when I saw the cake Ethan made for his dog.


The Gag-Inducing Birthday Cake

1 can of juicy dog food
2 raw hot dogs
5 cups of frosting
green sugar sprinkles

To make:  Dump can of dog food onto mother’s fiesta cake platter.  Use 1/4 of a cup of the five cups of frosting to drizzle over cake.  Leave remaining frosting, with dogfood swirls in it, on counter for mother to see later.  Place a raw hot dog on each side of cake.  Sprinkle with green sugar.  Serve.  Yield:  1 serving


At first, Davy and I were the only ones humble enough to serenade the dog…..so I stopped and we started over again after I insisted that they ALL sing, even Jacob, who had said importantly, “I am NOT SINGING Happy Birthday to the dog!”

They sang so nicely, but by that time I had an attack of laughter.


It was the grossest looking cake ever, but Parker seemed to enjoy it more that the raw meat cakes of the past.

He turned three yesterday (in human years). 

The 2009 celebration

The 2008 celebration

I am not a dog-lover, but I love my children and they love their dog. 

So, we celebrate and I sigh a little because right now we are a family of happily busy little ones, but the children are growing and will grow up eventually, and strangely enough, I miss these times.



I think it’s worthwhile to hold to an annual tradition, even if for one year *you are 8 months pregnant and are sick with heartburn and so tired you can barely keep your eyes open*.  It’s worth it to make a happy memory that lasts a lifetime. 


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  1. I thought you were writing out a quote it was so good, and then I realized you were describing yourself and knew YOU were the author of that last paragraph..so well written and so so true!  Having said that, I am not borrowing this tradition for Eowyn, I would be SO grossed out. The boys can come up with something else! LOL!The dappled light in that last picture is really nice, I love Gee’s dress!

  2. What a  nice {gulp} birthday cake. For once I am not lingering over your photos! lol!But good memories for sure!Happy TGIF…and hoping that you can get some more rest!

  3. I am laughing SO HARD Shanda!!! The children (and you) are making such great memories! P.S. Glad to hear you kept yourself on the couch yesterday. Don’t stop taking it easy! ❤

  4. Haha, my son and I were laughing while reading this.  That is a gross cake, but good for a dog!  I know exactly how you feel about the kids growing up.  I too already miss these days I’m in.  I wish they would last forever…….

  5. ugh, these doggy cakes are for sure the only food you guys make that looks fit for a dog! Always fun to do memorable things though. Hope you are feeling more rested today. Sounds like you had better keep having some down time each day!

  6. That is one gross-looking cake, but I’m sure Parker enjoyed it.  You are so good at making happy memories with your kids- even when you don’t really feel up to it.  Glad you got some rest.  Keep it up! 

  7. That dog has it good! and you’re right…when the kids are older you will miss these times!! My oldest two are very independent now and I miss the times when anything made them happy and all they wanted was to be with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So now I am enjoying the rest of my little ones and am sad when I think that soon they too will be teenagers and wont want my company.

  8. Wow, that is some dedication. And that’s a mighty, uhm, fine cake. This is a sweet tradition. I teared up a little at the picture of your daughter with your son on her shoulders. How touching.

  9. hi shanda…….how great for parker!!  our dog will be turning 11 this summer.  we started out doing a big birthday thing for him.  then we started having kids, and the poor dog has slowly gone to the back burner when it comes to his birthday celebration.  you’ve inspired me to have us do something special once again for him come july.  by the way, my dog thanks you in advance!

  10. What a wonderful birthday cake “for a dog”! And yes another sweet memory maker.Praying you rest up and feel more alert as the wee one is soon to arrive and join your lovely family. :){{{{{hugs}}}}

  11. Hi Shanda   I just caught up on all of your postings from your time away with hubby to this posting :-}   Brian and I have been trying to schedule some time away – this month is our 30th anniversary (that number blows me away!!) – but life isin’t cooperating …. if we do, I’ll blog about it (after of course singing for joy and being thrilled to pieces!!!)      Currently I am up waiting for him to get back from his parents. They live about 45 minutes away and he went to wish his mom a ‘happy Mother’s day’. I didn’t go along due to upsetting my vertigo by dancing with falling pop bottles the other day. Geesh! (I posted about it)      Speaking of Mother’s Day – have you visited my blog lately and seen the ‘Seasonal Smile” for Mother’s Day?  I plan on changing it Monday evening … hint, hint o;-p       About your chocolate covered strawberries (sure wish you had shared! ;-p) I get W-A-Y more compliments when I simply melt Nestle’s semi sweet choc. chips in the top of a double boiler and dip them in, then when we pay the higher cost and purchase the supposidly “good” brand of dipping chocolate and dip them!!! In-fact, one friends wedding reception we did the food for – they wanted to make sure that we did it the way we usually do, with the Nestle chips! ;-p       Well, my hubby just walked in so I’m getting off of here! He has a long day tomarrow!! His part time job is being church janitor – and tomarrow is the spring work day there …. your friend,Cheryl B.http://thebzhousethatlovebuilt.blogspot.com

  12. So it turns out that your dog and our dog have the EXACT same birthday.  Which, no connection, is also my Mom’s birthday!  But our dog, Stuey, just turned 1 yesterday.  And I bet he wishes he was in your family…cuz he didn’t get a cake around here!  Cool tradition, I might add!

  13. Oh My–I have a great appetite but even that made me cringe. Loved the pictures below of the Rhubarb pie. I haven’t seen one since we left Ill. 25 years ago. My mother loved them and made them frequently. Oh and speaking of dogs—Our Rhubarb patch was next to the dog pin:)

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