my day so far

I made scrambled eggs for the kid’s breakfast this morning and since I already had the eggs out I went ahead and mixed up cupcakes, too.  (from a cake mix)

David was ready for school so early that he was able to take a trip to the chicken coop with his sister and they came back with such a heavy, big egg that I took a picture of it, and two others as well.


Then I read David a book and the bus came and away he went.  I took my cupcakes out of the oven.

Seth started getting fussy.


I had the older kids start their schoolwork and I held Seth for a while, to relax him.

He likes the edges of his soft blue blankie.


I chatted on the phone with my sister as I mixed up frosting for the cooled cupcakes and then I got off the phone and decorated them.  They are an original creation by me.  I had the kids help me because I got tired of decorating after about half a dozen.


They are called cowpie cupcakes.  The sprinkles are cow-shaped and the mini chocolate chips represent the cowpies.  I didn’t decorate all of them though because I don’t like crunching on sprinkles when I chew.


Then I took my shower and the children finished up their schoolwork.  Caleb vanished to the basement to build legos.

I was so tired that I scooped Seth out of his playpen (where he had fallen asleep) and I went to bed with him and I read a book while he snoozed by my side.

Oh I forgot to say that I had dinner in the crockpot by 7am (it was one of those frozen dinners that I defrosted).

I took a catnap with Seth until he woke up with a smile, to find himself in bed with mama.

Later on, I decided to go out to the vehicle to get my notebook so I could do a journal page.  I took the camera with me, so I could take a picture of the weather we are having today.


I fed Seth a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and frozen berries for lunch.

While the older children ate their lunch, I sat at my desk and wrote in my journal and Seth was right with me.


I decided to tip him over and lay him on my desk so I could take a picture of his FIRST TOOTH!

He hates showing people his tooth.  I had to put the marker he was holding in my mouth to get him to hold still and look my way.


Then I got up for some reason and Seth did his climbing act so I took pictures.

First he gets on the chair and stands up on it.


Then he gets on the table.


He found some old dry cereal….a prize.


And then he gets into mischief.


Time went by and I was so bothered by all the noise my older children were making that I sent them outside and told them to stay out there for hours.  It was so calm and nice in the house after that….Caleb watched a Pooh video and I puttered around in the kitchen, cleaning.  I even changed out the curtains over the sink.


After I cleaned, I sat on the couch to rest and Seth came along.  It was at this moment that I realized something for the first time about my camera.





The light on the front of it, that shines when the camera is focused, is BLINDING!

I’ll have to cover it up with black electrical tape.

I am wearing crocs and Seth, at this moment, is flat on his tummy poking his little finger in the holes of my crocs.  I can feel his finger tip poking me in the toes.

The children are still outside.  The last time I checked they were shoveling “roads” on the pond.

The smell of dinner in the crockpot (smothered steak:  steak with garlic, onion, green peppers, and mushrooms) is making me wild with hunger.  I think it’s almost time for a taste test.

I’m happy because tonight for the first time this week we will be eating dinner all together as a family.  Yup, it’s been one of those weeks for my poor husband.

Only 4 more hours until he gets home! 




0 thoughts on “my day so far

  1. Cowpies..ahahahahahaha! That is awesome. Yay for Seth and his first tooth! It looks like there’s another one starting to poke through next to it! I am having a very slow day….a very slow couple of weeks actually. I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather on top of normal pregnancy tiredness. I need a big dose of sunshine and motivation! It’s snowing here too, and very cold.

  2. Whew, what a day!! You are one incredible woman, you know that Ms Shanda? I hope that one day I can be half as good of a wife and mommy to my family as you are to yours šŸ™‚ Even when your tired and busy, you still makes time to spend time with your little ones, enjoy the small things in life (like big brown eggs!!), makes something special like cupcakes, and even take time for yourself journaling or reading. It really is a blessing to read your post… I have learned so much from you, just from knowing you through your blogs.

  3. Wow what a productive morning! Good job.That little Seth is such a cutie. Love the looks of your cup cakes, they are adorable and I bet yummy too!Dinner sounds wonderful. You are making me hungry but then again I haven’t even had lunch yet. LOL

  4. Cow sprinkles! I love it! Your weather today looks just about the same as ours, and I keep feeling like winter’s just started, all over again, after the thaw we had last week. I have to remind myself that Christmas is NOT coming in a month or two.My Joy loves the blinking light on the front of my camera whenever I use the self-timer, but Gracie always scrunches up her face and half closes her eyes against it, and consequently looks drunk in most pictures. Seth is such a cute little mischief-maker, can’t wait to see what happens when he is joined by little sister Sarah! (Which probably makes you exhausted just thinking about it … sorry)

  5. I just had to take a peek at those cupcakes.  I still have yet to make the brownies you posted of a long time ago……hmmmm….I think I will go do that:)….What a sweet time you have with your chidren and family.  It is such a wonderful example to me to remeber to make some fun in my day too!  Your weather looks wonderful…it does slow things down a little.

  6. wow Shanda what a beautiful day. i like the part about the crockpot cause that means that all day you can focus on other things and know that you’ve got something tasty ready to go when all are assembled. wow look at your chickens continuing to grow…wow such beautiful big eggs. did you use some of them for your cooking. i can just imagine how lovely things taste when you have them from your own place. i remember having salsa and brushetta made from garden ready (straight from the garden to my house) tomatoesa nd i’d never tasted anything so heavenly before šŸ˜‰ it totally makes a difference when it doesn’t travel so far. i’m always so blessed when i read you and joanna’s blogs. journey’s shared with truth and in heart filled love of life, even with its ups and downs…i love them. you guys aare such blessings to be able to get to ‘know’. what kind of journalling to you usually do. i’d like to get into more abstract artistic stuff…but i’m too much of a perfectionist. i’m trying ot break myself of it…but its a hard task. have a beautiful evening. so glad to hear that Hubby will be home…i’m sure that means a ton to you and your  kiddos.

  7. I love to see and hear about your day. The wintery white looks so pretty. How do you deal with all the wet clothes when they come in from playing in the snow for “hours”? When we go to the cabin in the mountains things get so wet and we have to hang them to dry on the stairway near the heater. Maybe your snow is dry and not so wet. Love the cupcakes! you are creative in these things and I am sure the kids all love it! The smell of dinner must make the house so warm and cozy…but 4 more hours to wait! Glad you are getting some rest in their with Sethy and your sweet little growing baby. I love the look on his face as he looks up at you. Fun to see the eggs!

  8. Those cupcakes look delicious, I really loved seeing Seth’s teeth poking through, I think Emma is going to be a “late teeth bloomer” like Sethie. She is 8 months and still no sign of a tooth šŸ™‚ Glad that you get to have dinner together tonight, it means so much to have EVERYONE around the table..I received your letter today!!!! It brought me so much joy, you and Seth are now smiling up at me from the refrigerator šŸ™‚ I loved the quote and the fun picture corners šŸ™‚ How do you know me so well?? HAHA I am going to put a post up of the goodies you sent as well as some goodies Mikayla received from her Grandma Jeffery. I hope your day is filled with warmth and joy….Chris 

  9. The snow looks just like that here at my house today!I showed Steve what Seth is doing (climbing) and said “I have totally forgotten all about that, are we ready?!” and then we both smiled, so funny how in the end it is not about being ready it is about missing it!!!Your eggs look great and I am so glad that your dinner planning is working for you so on tired days it is already done!Then picture of the cupcakes with the fork and glass came out perfect, very Country Living, or Taste of Home!

  10. cute first tooth. My baby girl, a few months younger (will be 9 months this weekend) is already cutting her 6th!!! Yes, crazy….my babies have lots of teeth earlier than normal. Seth is such a cutie though.

  11. Your day sounds lovely.  I really don’t know how you do it all, and then find time to take pictures and blog about it!  You are an amazing woman!  It is snowing here today as well.

  12. Still thinking of you. How are you feeling these days? I am going to blog about having a small baby. Is Seth gaining? We have Lucy on a high (good) fat diet. Lucy actually has all her teeth (except the 2 yr molars). They all aren’t in yet, but they’ve all broken through. She still isn’t walking. Sigh! šŸ™‚ Seth is a cutie, but then again, we knew he would be!!!

  13. Sounds like a great day.  The snow you’re having is beautiful. We were supposed to have snow yesterday, but only had a few flurries.  The cupcakes are really cute too.  Enjoy your dinner, it sounds wonderful! =)

  14. I hope it was as yummy as it sounds.  It’s a challenge with the girls because they have not been introduced to a lot of foods.  We just ask them to try though.  The weather looks similar to what we had today.  I had to travel on the roads a few times and I thought for sure I was going to go off the road a few times.  I got so nervous that I didn’t know I was holding my breath and when I finally came to my destination I was shaking!!!  Love, Lish

  15. I was just thinking about making cupcakes today. Brownies won, though! Lovely pictures or your Seth! He’s a stinker, isn’t he?!!! I like the Jim Brickman music. Reminds me of Quiet Beauty!

  16. The cupcakes look so cute, you’re so creative.  Your outdoor picture is so pretty, I love fresh fallen snow.  It’s so crisp and the air has such a clean smell.Dinner sounds wonderful.  I love it when I’ve got my act together and have it ready early.

  17. WOW! Big change in the weather from when you posted before, huh? I love those sprinkles! It’s hard to find fun sprinkles here. Sometimes I think the Danish people need more whimsy in their lives. Like… cool, colorful socks, interesting sprinkles and fun things like that! In the Winter, you are not even supposed to wear bright colors! You feel like a nun in your brown, navy, gray or black. I am SO HUNGRY for COLOR right now! LOL! Loved the story in pictures about your day! My daughter says my little grandson (he’s ten months now) is getting into everything, too. Wish I was there to see it!

  18. I love your posts – so full of ‘life’.  The paper you placed the eggs on is beautiful!  Poor Seth – teething hurts, glad he found comfort!  The cupcakes look yummy!  And I can just smell that dinner! 

  19. I loved “following you around” through your day! Today you reminded me again of my mom, as you often do. My mom has always seemed to find time to get the important things done, and also for her own personal rest and pleasure (i.e. your nap and journaling). I sometimes forget how my mom was until I read about something you do, then I’m inspired and encouraged in all the possibilities of life at home, by the examples of REAL PEOPLE like you. I heard we’re supposed to get 6 inches of snow here this weekend! Well, I’m ready and my pantry is stocked. If I have the energy, maybe I’ll do some baking…your cupcakes look soooo good!P.S. Congratulations on Seth’s first tooth!(it seems so strange to think Lee cut his first at 2 months!) He is such an active little CUTIE PIE!!!P.S.S. The Jim Brickman music is so pretty. His music is some of my favorite to listen to and play on the piano!

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