our first green egg


The most beautiful view
is the one I share with you.
~Author Unknown


It was early morning, and freezing cold outside, but undauntedly, Davy-do got bundled up anyway, to go take care of the chickens (all his idea).  He was gone for a little while, and when I heard him on the porch I tapped my husband (wonderful Saturday, he is home and by my side today) and said, “Davy’s back, let’s see the eggs he brought!”  He came in and found our undivided attention, we were ready for the show.

(Yesterday David brought me seven eggs, stuffed in his blue jean pockets, all perfect.)

How exciting!  He came over in front of us and started pulling eggs out of various pockets, but the first one he proudly showed us was OUR FIRST GREEN EGG!  I squealed and we all took turns holding it and looking at it.

David said, “I thought it was rotten!”

There are wild speculations going on about just which one of our five Araucana chickens laid the egg.  Grace says it’s either Swirl or Ena because Ena has been going in the nest boxes and they both crouch down now when she picks them up.

I was happy, I thought the color of the egg was lovely.  I enjoy having a variety of different eggs to admire.  We all had eggs for breakfast and I studied each one (briefly) before I cooked it up. 

What a blessing!  I have wanted chickens for years but never dreamed that I would enjoy it so much. 




After properly photo-documenting the event, Davy took “his” egg back and after much persuasion (“It will ROT if you try to keep it forever!”) he fried it up and ate it.  “How did it taste, Davy?”  “It was NICE!”  He later gave the keepsake egg shell to his sister.




0 thoughts on “our first green egg

  1. I like how you’ve been displaying your eggs for us!  My parents have chickens from time to time, and I love the fresh eggs.  They taste so good. Have a wonderful Saturday with your husband.  Having them around makes the weekend so much better! =)

  2. I used to love the Martha Stewart show where she had baskets of multi colors of eggs (hues of greens and browns and I think blue too).  Brown eggs are lovely, but the other colors are just exotic to me:).   “I thought it was rotten”…lol.

  3. I have always loved the variety of colors of eggs my hens produce. I, too, had one Araucana (her name was Airie…original, huh?) who survived out of four (we have a problem with coyotes here, and since my chickens are free to range, I lose some). Anyway, a couple of years ago at Eastertime, I decided to create a display of my own colored eggs. I “blew” out the insides and rinsed them out, and now each year I can enjoy them, again and again. I love the greens among the several shades of brown.When I first got chickens, about five years ago, I named them after my grandmother’s aunts. She had a bunch, and some of them had unusual names. Naming hens seems to bring out their personalities. It seems funny to me that chickens can be such individuals, but it’s true that they are…The very first thing they do when my grandchildren arrive for a visit is ask, “Can we go pick the eggs?” They also like to pick the raspberries!  🙂

  4. What a great post! How exciting for your children! We had chickens when I was young and my sister and I had to feed them every morning before school — I never remembered gathering eggs – hmm, wonder who did that? I think I’ll go have eggs for my breakfast – only mine are just plain white — how boring!!

  5. That is so lovely!! I never knew that having chickens could be so much fun… one day I might have to have a few. Do you know if they will lay colors other then green, or if it will happen more often, or is this a rare sort of thing? I’m afraid I don’t know much about eggs.

  6. oooh green eggs are so fun! So are eggs with a double yolk. We get eggs from an Amish farmer so once in awhile we get those fun variations. I love a carton of differing shades of eggs. Happy Saturday!

  7. My Dad raised chickens that laid green eggs. He also had banties (Is that right? Anyway, that’s what he called them!) and their eggs were tiny! At one point, we even had turkey eggs! Now, those things are pretty substantial! Hey! How about you get a couple of ostriches! I don’t think Davy could carry those eggs in his pockets!

  8. So much fun. Can’t wait for the day when we don’t live in the city, and I can have chickens. Or, live in a city where space isn’t such an issue and I’d try chickens anyway!

  9. your eggs displayed on the doily look so lovely. How fun, and what a memory for Davy to go out in the cold and come back with such homey treasures in his pockets! Hard boiling the eggs must be fun…to see all the colors. We took just the tops off eggs for a long time, with a knife, to save the rest of the shell for making confetti stuffed eggs…a project of Nana’s woman’s club. You could do that with some of your special eggs if you didn’t want to blow them out. Pretty color inside too!Bob made a big egg sandwich for his breakfast this morning. He seems to be craving the egg sandwiches this week. He was off to work at his parents house all day…making repairs and such. I have my chemistry class coming over to work on a science fair project.

  10. I didn’t know chickens could lay green eggs! We get lots of brown ones, which I think are much specialer than the white we can buy from the store, from a friend but never green… What a blessing to have Rich home with you. My husband will be home on Tuesday after a week in Jordan. I am most looking forward to his 2 days off.Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. I never knew hens can lay different colored eggs…I guess I’m too much of a city girl .  It looks very interesting.  I’m learning so much from reading your posts!  I’m going to show my boys the pictures of the eggs, they will think it’s really cool. Have a great weekend.

  12. I love green eggs… they are soo cheery!! I remember getting them occasionally when we got eggs from farmers in our church (when I was young). Way more exciting than grocery store eggs. You ALMOST inspire me to want chickens someday, although I don’t want to deal with messes and stink (is it bad?). I guess I need to find someone nearby with chickens!

  13. Awww, I love this! What a pretty bunch of eggs, especially the green one!!! It’s precious that Davy took such great care in putting the eggs in his pockets!  What a wonderful boy and sweet to give the shells to Grace.( :

  14. We only ever had Rhode Island Reds, so our eggs were pretty normal looking browns. Still, it never ceased to be novel, having our own little fresh egg machines, because I grew up smack in the middle of big-city sprawl. My little brother and I always hated the chickens (they were kinda mean) but we liked the eggs! Great post!

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