a foretaste of spring

Me:  “Caleb, did you like our walk yesterday?”

Caleb:  “What walk?”

Me:  “You know.  The one with the dinosaur hat?”

Caleb:  long long pause.

Caleb:  (sigh)  “No.  Because of the wind.  It was very very windy.”  (another pause as we look at each other)

Caleb:  (coming over for a hug)  “Do you still love me?”

Me:  (laughing and squeezing back) “Of course I still love you!”



On Monday, we had heavy rain all day long, which washed most of the snow away. 

Tuesday morning (yesterday), Grace came downstairs and said, “Do you know what woke me up this morning?  A bird!  Mom, what bird sounds like this?”  (she sang a bird tune)  “I feel like it’s turning into summer!”

I was excited, too.  The sunny outdoors was beckoning and so, ’round about 9:30, we all bundled up in our coats and boots and went outside.  I wanted to go look at the stream, to see how much it had risen with all the rain and melted snow.

But first, we fed the chickens and let them out.  They had a marvelous day, scratching and rolling around on the ground, enjoying the sunshine.  We are getting half a dozen eggs a day now.  David dropped two on the porch yesterday as he was carrying them to me.  oops. 

Then, the children tested the ice on the long pond.  This pond is not deep, so I let them walk on it.  The ice was still solid and wonderfully smooth, except for the very edges.



The chickens got on the ice, against their will.


We stood and watched the stream, after helping Caleb with a tragedy:  he had lost David’s dinosaur.  I hadn’t even known that he had a little toy dinosaur with him.  It proved to be a problem throughout our entire walk.

Grace got on a rock, and was surrounded by fast moving and loud water.  She was still wearing her pajamas and robe. 


We found a little boy’s plastic builder hat, which ended up being the carrying device for the toy dinosaur. 

I missed my Davy.  He was at school, having a wonderful time, but we missed him on our walk.

I was reading a book about marriage this morning, and in it was a man’s wishes for his wife….on the list was, “and take good care of my little ones.”  That one little phrase keeps running sweetly through my mind…..”these are my husband’s little ones, I will take good care of them for him.”


Ethan loves to scoot and shimmy up trees.


Water and ice, and Caleb almost slipped.


I had Sethers (yet another of our nicknames for baby) on my back.  Jacob said I looked round, he laughed at me.  I had a baby in front, a baby in back and Rich’s big coat over all.

Seth is dreaming good dreams and breathing in the cool fresh air from the woods.


Ethan, standing in front of the tall dead grass at the beaver pond (more like a swamp but we call it a pond) in the woods.  Soon this place will be filled with the sound of spring peepers.  I love the look of this picture, with all that nice light brown color, and of course my handsome son.


They got on a big moss covered rock.  Grace promptly took off her boots to feel the softness.  If I coulda, I woulda.

Caleb was guarding that dang dino.  Soon after this picture, it was gone and he was howling.  Thankfully, big brother Jacob found it again and all ended well.



I had Ethan pull us up a nice soft clump of moss off the spongy ground in the woods.  This became a source of great fun.  As we walked back to the house, he noticed moss roots hanging off the bottom of the clump.  “Oh, moss roots!  Can I eat one, Mom?”  (“Sure, okay”)  “Hmm.  It’s hard to bite into……mmmmmm!  It tastes just like carrots!  These are good moss roots.  Grace, do you want a moss root?  Here, have one of mom’s moss roots.”  Grace says, “It tastes like basil and garlic!”  “Jake, we’re eating moss roots!”

I heard the phrase “moss roots” about 50 times.

Ethan and his dirt covered face, from eating, you know, moss roots.


Further discussion on moss roots.


What I did with the moss when we got home.  I bought this big jar at a thrift store this past weekend.


I also brought a stick home.  I thought it was pretty with it’s ruffles of fungus.  Oh it was wonderful to be bringing home nature bits once again!  We had a foretaste of spring and a lovely walk.


I took this picture of Davy-do this morning, as he ate breakfast.  He made his super-hero mask yesterday at school with the help of one of his teachers.


Thank you so much for all the kind congratulations about our baby news.  Jacob says that having a girl will bring a new perspective to the family.  Caleb says, “Where IS the baby?”  Grace wants to go shopping but says, “I won’t get excited until the baby is born.”  Davy just beams, he wanted a girl named Sarah all along.  Rich is now calling me “girls”.  For example, the other night I was asking him to turn off the light so we could sleep and he said, “Girls!  Settle down.”  He is happy and it makes me smile.

Have a great day, my friends!

PS, Please do not eat moss roots.  I have no idea if they are edible.  Ethan says they are, and he is not sick, but I would hate to have someone get sick or die because of this post.

0 thoughts on “a foretaste of spring

  1. Moss Roots!I am happy you enjoyed your dinosaur walk.I try to walk daily. I realized the more sun and SON I get,the happier I am!!May God Bless your day richly!!Blessings,Angie

  2. Once again your post brought a smile to my day.  I too can almost “taste” the spring in the air.  AND…I saw a robin yesterday!!  You know spring is almost here when you see the ROBIN LOL.   Isn’t it cute that you are now called “girls”…I love that.  That moss looks great in the jar.  Earthy and neat.  Your disclaimer…hilarious. 

  3. I was wondering if they are edible…Our creek was to the top with all the rain and snow melt.  Yesterday Marissa was sickfrom 11:30 at night and then all day (stomach).  So not a whole lot of walking or sleep has been going on here.  Thankfully she slept through the night last night.

  4. Love this post! You are so pretty with your rosey checks. All the pictures are fantastic and thanks for including the picture of David! He is having a great time at school and what a wonderful little mask he made! You need to do a Belly shot profile picture with Grace too and title it Rich’s Girls! I would love it! Miss you working tonight at LC but finally have a day off tomorrow šŸ™‚ Love ya Sissy

  5. wink wink wink…..hint hint….maybe we can go SHOPPING for Princess SARAH I saw the cutest carters newborn baby girl clothes in the mall yesterday and you know I am so excited!

  6. LOL – oh, the Moss Roots!!! Remember talking about the “absurdities” and such of raising children on a recent blog? The lengthy discussion and consumption of Moss Roots (oh yes, and Caleb’s dinosaur ordeal) definitely seems to fall into that category! Ha ha!Grace’s hair has grown so long; she is such a lovely girl. Just like her Mamma.

  7. Those chickens look like they’re about to start on an Olympic figure skating routine! Especially the dark one with her foot oh-so-daintily extended in front of her on the ice! Love the picture of Caleb trying to catch his balance. The splayed fingers on his hand, the tilted position – everything about it just made me smile!It’s always so nice that God gives us a foretaste of spring in January. Every year, we feel like winter is going to drag on forever, but then we get that January thaw, and even if winter doesn’t really go away for another two months, we’ve had that promise of spring to give us hope!

  8. I love your pictures, especially this time of year.  I start to feel that the snow will never leave.  The trip to CA next week will be a good thing!  Your P.S. cracked me up.  Oh, and Rich calling you “girls”.  Enjoy your day!

  9. “someone die because of this post”   YOU’RE SO FUNNY!! I loved joining you and your kids on your walk! Your posts make me smile:) Now you “girls” be good today K?!!

  10. Hold on while I go spit out the roots…..Juuust kidding!The green looked so yummy I totally get why they thought it all might taste as good as it looks!David reminds me of Etienne so much!I agree the light and color of the long dead grass makes a perfect background for handsome E.It is snowing here, huge lazy flakes that seem to hear the music you have on your site.

  11. Hi Shanda,My name is Mary and I’ve been reading your blog for probably 2 years now. (wow!) I’ve always just been a lurker but have been meaning to email you for the longest time to tell you thank you. I have been encouraged so many times from reading your words. I have three little ones (3, 2, and 6m) so I feel overwhelmed at times but am always encouraged by reading about your life. I love that a) you are such a great mom, you love Christ, love your husband, love your babies, and seem so laid back about things. And b) that you are real. You say when you get overwhelmed or when you yell at your children or when you are frustrated with your husband, etc. That is so refreshing for me to read to know that you don’t “have it all together all the time.” Anyway, just wanted to say a quick hello and a thank you for sharing a part of your life on the blog. I don’t read many blogs…don’t have the time…but for some reason yours is one I can’t delete from my google reader. šŸ™‚ Congrats on the baby girl. I was excited to read that!!! Take care! Mary

  12. @Mary – Dear Mary, Thank you so much for your sweet note.  It’s nice to know that you enjoy my blog.  You truly are a busy lady with three preschoolers;  I remember when Jacob, Ethan, and Grace were tiny like that (and having them all in diapers!) it was crazy, busy, (yes, and overwhelming!) but full of fun.  God bless you, friend.  ~Shanda

  13. Your posts make me smile!! and give me hope that maybe someday I will let one of my girls take a walk in their pajamas and not worry one bit about it!! oh, I wish I wasn’t so uptight.so encouraging. I love how when our husbands are happy, it brings such light and joy to the home!!

  14. So sweet that Caleb knows his mama loves walks so much…”Do you still love me?”Tell Grace I am right there with her and the PJ’s and robe. I used to go out to the backyard to look at the flowers blooming while drinking my coffee and get carried away gardening in my nightie and robe!I love it that you can go walk in the woods. Seth looks so sweet sleeping. The stick with fungus is so pretty, as is the moss. Had to laugh about Moss roots…David wants to research if they are edible now. Sounds probable from the taste of them. Such lovely vibrant green in the moss! Love super hero Davy!

  15. “Moss Roots” – interesting!  Your children look so precious – do you take a walk with them everyday?  If you do, what memories they will have, wish I would have thought to do that with my chidren, living in the city though, life was too busy! The ‘moss rock’ is very pretty.

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