0 thoughts on “meet puppy Parker:

  1. Nice to meet you Parker!  Be good to this family, they’ve got big hearts and lots of love to share with a sweet puppy like you.  Take care of them and love on them.  Give them lots of memories.  Congratulations on your new family!!

  2. Oh, he is just adorable.  Look at that cute, pink tongue!  and those eyes!!  I’m sure he will bring your family pure enjoyment in the years to come! Suz

  3. He is so stinkin’ adorable!! Tim and I are sitting here already wanting a puppy… this picture pushed us over the edge! Parker is adorable… he is one lucky dog to be apart of your precious family!Can’t wait to see pictures of you guys with Parker!!

  4. hi i just decided to leave you a comment…i LOVE your site!!!! and your puppy is adorable i love puppies…

  5. He is SO cute! I am one of those weird people who love puppy breath! LOL! I also think the pads of their feet smell like popcorn. It’s OK…….. I am content in my weirdness! Enjoy Parker.

  6. So happy for your family!  I must give a shout-out to my friends, Ben and Scott, who had a chocolate lab named Buddy.  We affectionately referred to him as “Chocolate Buddy Pants”.  He was CRAZY, but it was because he was cooped up all the time.  He would knock cookie sheets w/ fresh cookies off the stove and eat them all.  Now he’s old and fat but I suspect he’s still crazy.  🙂

  7. Awwww….Now if he’s not the cutest thing!  Makes me smile and I love the name,  “Parker”  How cute is that?  This little (big) guy looks to have what I call, personality-plus!   Have fun playing with Parker today! 
    Thank you for the sweet comment and compliment, very sweet indeed.  Blessings,   ~Amelia

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