lots of photos

My brother and his wife have been here since Tuesday night. 

On Thursday, our friends Matt and Laura visited us.

On Friday we got our puppy.

Things have been busy, but it’s been a happy kind of busy–reconnecting with family and friends and adopting a new puppy.

I’ve taken a lot of pictures, hope you enjoy them!

Nathan and his family:






Here are some pictures of our visit with Matt and Laura.  Matt lived in the area during a couple of summers (I think 2003/2004).  We had him over to our house almost every week for dinner and he became like family to us.  Matt and Rich love to run together and Matt  is a wonderful, godly young man who is studying to be a Pastor.  Last fall he married Laura and they live in Michigan.  This was our first visit since last summer.  We had so much fun and they stayed until almost 1 in the morning!!!!


Jake and E have their own bow and arrow sets now, the real thing!  Matt is holding Rich’s bow.




I grabbed the camera quick to take this one.  Caleb was feeling frisky after dinner:


We did our 4th of July sparklers on the 5th because of rain:



New Puppy:



DSC_0790 DSC_0770


Melissa and I went shopping the other day and I bought these NEW DISHES:

This china was all made by Homer Laughlin Co., the maker of my favorite FIESTA dishes.  I bought these at an antique store for half price:


And here is the latest FIESTA color, EVERGREEN:



Last, but not least,  I also collect china with violets on it and found this set at an antique store.  They were half off—only 7.50!


Thank you for looking at my pictures.  I hope you all have a nice weekend! 


To fill the hour – that is happiness.  Ralph Waldo Emerson



0 thoughts on “lots of photos

  1. Looks like you had a really fun week. Congrats on your new puppy and new Fiesta ware. I work at Kohl’s and we have a whole display of Fiesta ware which I am sure you would love. They really do have some fun colors. Have a good weekend.

  2. Makes me sad that we live so far away.  I understand good busy–I’ve been as well.  I need to go read my book, though, so I will do that…although I’m contemplating making homemade bread and granola…we’ll see.  I love your dishes.

  3. What wonderful pictures. Love the china The rose ones are so pretty.Glad you are all having a great time.

  4. I put my antique finds on my site too!  Sometimes, it seems like we must be soul sisters!    The way your son is looking at his new puppy just melts my heart ~ such love in his expression.

  5. Love the pictures of the puppy. And the one of your friends and your huband and you. You can see how much you love him by the look on your face. You just glow when you are near him. Hope you have wonderful week end :o)

  6. The picture with Nathan and his family is wonderful, so perfect!  How are things going with the new puppy?  Steve and I have always said that we think the brown labs are beautiful.
    That’s nice that Matt Came back with his “young bride”

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