Happy 4th of July! 

My brother Nathan and his wife are here with their baby daughter.

We are grilling chicken spiedies later and we’re also having orange jello salad,

a big cake, baked beans, corn on the cob, deviled eggs, potato salad, chips, soda.

My sister Amanda and her family are coming, too.

Thanking God today for our country!





Okay, dinner’s long over, everyone is STUFFED, Amanda and Jason went home with their girls.

Now I have some time (while the others watch “CARS”) to add the rest of Makayla’s photos:










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  1. Sounds like you’ve had a very blessed day!These pictures are absolutely beautiful!  You enjoy the rest of the evening!Glad your weather is nice there! We are rain soaked, so no fireworks for us tonight!  You enjoy!!Blessings,~ Deborah <><

  2. What beautiful pictures!  Thank you for sharing!  I spent the whole day with my mother scrapbooking, chatting, singing together, and we watched a movie and had lunch and dinner together.  It was so cool!

  3. I’m glad that you had so much fun at your picnic…Makayla is such a cutie. 
    We went over to my sis-in-laws house for a picnic/birthday party.  Then to the movies – Ratatouille (sp?) it was very funny (there were 15 of us at the movies together).  Then on to a baseball game in Binghamton (13 of us there)- which was on a rain delay for 2 hours and didn’t get over with until 11:35.  But the fireworks after the game were worth the wait .  They have the best fireworks around – we will have to take the kids when you are here for a couple of weeks – they would have so much fun!  So we got home around 12:30 last night – put everyone (including ourselves) to bed. 
    It was a very full day – but completely American!

  4. No NO NO, that kind of cuteness is not allowed. She is just too adorable for words. I am a sucker for daisies behind the ears of baby girls.(or old ones for that matter!)

  5. The first picture of the sweetie pie is the best one, I love it . I remember when my daughter looked just like that, so so so long ago. She is 18 now.

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