I should blog about the wedding

Our new daughter in law, Sierra
*Mr and Mrs*

(These first three photos curtesy of their photographer).

Ethan and Sierra were married on April 15 and then they went to Italy for their honeymoon.

I think there has been a part of my heart recovering since then!! It was an absolute dream wedding and beautiful in every way. To dance with my son, wiping his tears away as we were together in that priceless moment, seeing Sierra marry my son with her beloved Grandfather officiating, my children all dressed up and so glad for their brother, the food.. the music ..the smiles. It was enough to “spoil” me from every day life for a good many days. Just savoring the memories. breathing deep. Thankful.

Ethan is our third child to get married. Jacob and Brittnee are going to celebrate their second anniversary soon, and then Brogan and daughter Grace shortly after.

We were reading from the book of Acts on Sunday, verses about the early days of the church, and that simple yet glorious phrase “and the Lord added to their number…..” gave me pause—of course me being me at this time thought that certainly these words could be applied to family as well, a growing family in the next stage of life, marrying adult children and welcoming their life-partners as true and most definitely loved children, too. I feel so amazingly blessed, and so does my husband, that the two of us over the years have turned into a family of twelve. 1+1=7+1+1+1=12

We are somewhat calming down after the big event, yet how can we with this number? Rich is at this time away on a business trip and since he rarely goes away anymore I can’t sleep very well without him. I woke up at three and couldn’t get back to sleep until after 4. I even went upstairs to make sure David didn’t oversleep for his Fed Ex shift. I woke him from a sound sleep and he was so kind about it, “my alarm is literally set to go off in one minute…..” which to me was pretty amazing that I had that sense. Obviously he needs no alarm with this kind of mother. I went to bed and read my book and then even though I didn’t want to I made myself sleep some more and the dreams, I’ll tell you, were vivid and strange. For example, I almost bought a medium green very rare and large fiestaware platter but by the time I got off the bus it had been sold for 50 dollars, in my dream I said “I would have given you 100”, etc and so on. I woke up for real at about 7 and when I reached for my phone I knocked the remote off my bed and it went underneath it. In my sleep drunken state the only thing I knew was “I dropped something I need to pick it up” therefore I started my day squeezing under the bed on one side and then the other, pulling things out and getting dusty to the point that I asked myself “am I just still dreaming” but there….I finally found it. I have since accomplished my morning routine of bedtime coffee and YouTube (Crazy Lamp Lady).

Then I went out and fed all five cats their daily cans of fancy feast. Perfect attendance is rare for my little cat family as there are some concerning animosities among them.

I proceeded to then take all my bird feeders (full of feed and suet cakes) off the table and back out into the bushes by the living room window because some large animal has been knocking them down in the night. As Aunt Colleen says “it’s quite exciting” which was nice because all I had felt was “annoyed”. Wouldn’t it be so much better to face life’s little challenges as exciting rather than annoying?

Speaking of….my children have been annoying my aura…..in other words -I have also been annoying as much or more than they have been. So I bit the bullet and took the four of them out to the mall yesterday after school and by the time we had car rides, shopping and pizza (Ethan joined) and more shopping we had reunited as a nice ( it annoying) little family again. We got home and had two hours of congenial family time; Dave even made another bowl of his famous guacamole while I read magazines with a cat on my lap.

Well I gather you’re here, dear blog friend, for the wedding photos…….enjoy!

The table of flowers-all fresh and just gorgeous
My corsage that I switched to my other wrist eventually.
Our son the groom,
before the wedding.
My dad and Rich talking before the wedding.
My niece Abigail with my daughter Sarah Joy, waiting after the wedding for the bride and groom appear.

(No photos were taken by me during the ceremony)

My pretty mom and handsome dad
Here they come!!
The newly married.
their wedding cake was so elegant—and yummy
Their wedding party!
I am mom to all these precious souls.

More tomorrow!

Sending love to each and all.

It’s going to be a beautiful day.

Please say hello!!

12 thoughts on “I should blog about the wedding

  1. Shanda, congratulations on the marriage of your son and new daughter in law! What beautiful pictures of such a lovely wedding ❤️
    Thanks for sharing your life.
    Hope you have a lovely day.

  2. Thanks for brightening this gloomy day which I will try to face with excitement instead of being “annoyed”! So enjoy your blogs , pictures, and family moments. 🥰

  3. This is absolutely the most wonderful post. Thank you for sharing your family. I’ve been following along for years from England, you’ve blessed me with your lovely post today.

  4. hi shanda…….oh i was hoping you’d share wedding photos!! simply gorgeous. what a beautiful and magical day! and yes, what an amazing feeling to be blessed with 7 and add more and more to the mix. now can you just send 2 lovely young women my way for my 2 young men- haha! 😉😍

  5. Congratulations to Ethan and Sierra. What an absolutely beautiful wedding. Congratulation to you and Rich on another blessing to your family. My best wishes and prayers go with you all.

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