a charming library

I didn’t sleep well last night, I was fitful in a restless night for no reason. I was relieved to wake up the last time. I had a feeling it was a tolerable time to get up but I reached over and turned my phone on to check the time just to be certain. But then I placed it face down on the nightstand so I wouldn’t disturb my husband with the glow, missed, and it dropped and crashed flat on the bare floor with a sound like a shot. I got up. Or rather, I got down on the floor. I patted my hands around in the dark and found my phone; thankful to see it was 5:30 and I could end the night. I went downstairs. We are still in our New Hampshire cabin; we love it here. I finished a book that I found at a second hand shop that ended up being so heart felt and meaningful to me that I had to keep my notebook nearby so I could jot down quotes, here are a couple:

From the book WHEN SORROW COMES, by Grace Perkins Oursler published in 1950; (a book filled with gentle encouragement for loss and facing your own death someday)

“Lucky are the people who have already learned to search the Scriptures for the lines of particular value in particular need.”

“I’ve never known a reader but found the book he needed at the moment and for the occasion.”

“Hundreds before you have found freedom from the lash of remorse and guilt through the actual practice of repentance.”

“She had bettered the world she lived in.”

“All around us we recognize proof of Gods genius in converting waste into usefulness and beauty. With Him, nothing is purposeless.”

“We can never expect mercy and forgiveness if we do not in turn show mercy and forgiveness. The ones that are toughest to forgive call for God’s help and are a spiritual achievement to be proud of.”

And on and on, it’s a book rich with the wisdom of a thoughtful and observant woman. It inspired me to be what I already know I am; a good person who wants to love people. Within reason. There’s a disclaimer for you. I will be cautious but when I know a person is safe I’ll love them forever. In little ways. The ordinary opportunities that don’t shine very brightly are the ones I like best because it’s the closest thing to a secret. I truly feel best when I am hardly noticed. A background type of person, which is why I write. 🙂

I walked to the lake. When I got back Rich was awake and we decided to go to the coffee shop. I left a note on the fridge for the sleeping children and when we returned two hours later after not only coffee but the country store AND the library, the precious little angels were still asleep. I know, I was shocked, too. We got them up (okay it was me with my loud singing “I’m home I’m home and I have muffins for youuuuu”) we took them out to have some fun.

We ended up at the Funstop again for the second time because the other place (which had a sign out front “open year round”) turned out to be closed on Tuesdays. I ask you.

So we played mini golf (indoor) and then I read magazines while they played arcade games.

I don’t know why I’m recording all these details. But on the way to the Funstop the girls (Sarah and her friend from school who came with us as our guest) confessed that after we went to bed last night they got all ready for the hot tub “we even put our hair up in buns” (they both have very long thick hair) and were on our way out but Seth heard them and told then “Dad said to go to bed at 9:30 so we didn’t go out after all.” I told them they were such good children that they could have anything, anything they wished for I would grant. rather like that elf in that three wishes story—remember. You think the very poor man and his wife would wish for something profitable but nooo. In this case I was sort of playing a risky game. But it all worked out charmingly. What they ended up wishing for was “soda, from the vending machine”. At the arcade. It was such an adorable request….I say, it truly is the little things. I don’t know what it is about vending machines but they are a usual “no” from me, but this time I had to say yes and they were so cute and happy making their choices and pushing the buttons. It couldn’t happen fast enough.

Incidentally I got three holes in one but still came in third (I played w Rich and Seth who are both very very competitive as am I, but they are naturally better than I am. It is sincerely depressing. Lol) SOMEDAY. I bet if I ever do win I’ll feel bad bc they lost. They want the wins so badly.

So ummmmm. Oh yes the whole reason why I’m here is to share pictures from the library we visited today and to just say….Ethan and Sierra are getting married on Saturday. Just typing it makes me all excited. Our third child to have a wedding, can you even?

Just look at this charming place.

Just a few feet inside the door I saw this! A shoe organizer filled with not shoes but a birds nest collection! I collect them too! I have quite a few, they are like artwork, no doubt about it. Imagine building something like this with YOUR beak!!

And then, a butterfly display. Not only these nature items from God’s big beautiful world, but IN A LIBRARY. Books! Nature! A perfect marriage.

Rich called me over to admire the painted mural. Out of sheer habit, we had gravitated straight to the children’s section.

A charming wood carving.

They didn’t come out.

“It’s you!” Rich said, I followed his gaze and found a witch. I’m a sort of witch but I’m not wicked.

It was an elegant library, more about books and wooden furniture and shelving (all wood) and curtains and rugs and character than any I’ve ever seen. The library alone tempts me to change my primary residence to New Hampshire.

I must have been in a mood because even this thrilled my heart—how beautiful and generous! I love it.

And then to top it all off, a hobbit hole. Not that my son David has been wanting to live in one since the first day he read the book!! I texted him right away. And sent the video to my Hobbit loving family.

I snagged some free magazines to cut for scrapbooking and also a pamphlet so I can be a friend of the library.

Rich took this today; I love how you can see his shadow.

Happy end of the (tues)day friends! Think of me as we prepare for the big day on Saturday. All my kids except Seth and Sarah and Brogan are IN the wedding. (so-seven in the ceremony, Caleb as an usher). I have my mother of the groom dress I may as well share it now;

It was truly a God and me moment, He basically sent me in to Anthropologie a couple weeks ago and handed it to me off the clearance rack. What makes it special is ITS ETHANS FAVORITE COLOR!!!!!!! My sweet baby boy all grown up, I wear this dress for YOU.

4 thoughts on “a charming library

  1. You see, I could easily live in that hobbit house!
    That’s an adorable library and you look adorable in your library visiting outfit
    Also… that dress!!!!

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