why I am letting my hair go gray

(It’s really not that big of a deal but it’s fun to share and talk about.)

1. The amount of time that passed between dying the roots was getting shorter and I got tired of dealing with it. Tired of buying it, tired of applying it. I’m too interested in doing other delightful things in a day.

2. The EMDR therapy healed my brain to the point where I felt like I didn’t need to look a certain way anymore. I am comfortable in my own skin and no longer have the desire to dye my hair in order to appear younger (which was why I was dying it in the first place). I don’t fear growing older or having my hair “give my age away”. Aging isn’t causing me any anxiety anymore. at least aging hair 😉

3. I have a heart for realness. I felt that my dyed hair wasn’t me. And I wanted my real hair color back. I didn’t feel like my true self anymore. I am highly sensitive to everything, even looking into a mirror and seeing the way my hair looked. To me, my hair started representing more than just “hair”, it was something I could use as a way to feel authentic and real.

4. My sister stopped dying her hair, too. She inspired me. She’s younger than I am.

5. I came to a place where allowing myself to go gray was more of a sign of beauty and confidence than continuing to color it.

6. I go to a church, and a Bible study full of lovely white haired women. Their inner and outer beauty shines and I want to be like them in every way. I’m “joining the club” so to speak.

7. I didn’t like the zing on my scalp after I dyed it. I was never afraid of hair dye poisoning me or what have you, but it did irritate my scalp. This is probably my weakest reason.

8. Basically, it felt right in my soul. As soon as I committed, I had a new interesting joy and zero regret. My DIL Brittnee is tired of me showing her how the gray is growing.

9. My old lady friends said it’s going to take a long time. At first I felt defeated by time, but then I decided to embrace the process. it’s fun to watch it happen, sort of like watching a garden grow. little by little. It’s a beautiful lesson in life, to be patient enough to wait for what you want.

10. Incidentally, a few months ago I met a beautiful lady my age with gray hair. When I admired it she said that when she decided to stop coloring, she went ahead and shaved her entire head. Now her hair is long and thick and as I watched her tell her story I felt myself become truly tempted to emulate her. She said “Girl..you should” and even recommended collagen, but Sarah was already highly disturbed by the idea of her mother “looking like a granny” and the idea of her mother shaven sent her into distress.

My real hair!!!! I love it so much. Salt and pepper. Just like my Dad.

This is my own personal journey. I’m not trying to convince anyone or say that a person should be like this. I am a firm believer in “you do you”. And I love the uniqueness of every individual. I admire and enjoy all of humanity. I also believe in “changing your mind”, and while I don’t think I will ever go back to coloring, there’s nothing wrong with trying to go gray and then deciding it’s not for you and start coloring it again. Be confident and smile.

11 thoughts on “why I am letting my hair go gray

  1. Good for you! I have never colored my hair, and it is now quite white! As it changed from brunette to salt and pepper to gray to white, somebody pointed out to me that our skin changes as we age, growing softer and less strongly colored — nature turns our hair gray and white to enhance the overall appearance, and is a much softer look than the natural brunette, etc. You do you — but remember that if you cut it all off, it will come back softer and finer, and grayer, than it is now!

  2. I am fighing the gray battle. I started turning when I was in my 20s and then in my 30s when I had alot of turmoil going on in my life it got worse. And it wasnt just a few strands here and there its all coming in that way. And granted its a very pretty silver and i have nothing against it. But I think when I was having all my issues and the hair was the one thing I could control it made me feel better and maybe thats why I still do it. One day I will embrace it, I have started going lighter shades so when I do let go its not such a shock. But the you do you is so true.

  3. Beautiful post. Be who you are!! My husband tries to encourage me to let my hair go gray. I am not ready 🙂

  4. I love this. It gives me courage. I look at pictures of myself from 10 years ago and miss my dark hair. But I’m in a subculture where we don’t color our hair and I have many examples of older women who are aging gracefully and beautifully, like your group of older ladies. But it can still be hard for me to accept how gray I am, at 43! My children remind me that the hoary head is a crown of glory. I remind them that the caveat is, if it’s found in the way of righteousness. May we both be found there! Sarah

  5. I am sure you will look lovely no matter the color. God and all others will love you. It will save you money too. I’m so glad that I have never had to color mine, though once had a hair dresser say that I had colored mine- guess he never looked at my roots too closely.

  6. Congrats & welcome to the club. It’s truly freedom to be you in your own skin. I just never had the desire to color. Blessings!!

  7. Good for you! I ditched the dye a year and a half ago! i was leary of dumping chemicals on my head over and over and there is nothing wrong with getting older.

  8. This is fabulous! Brilliant reasons for doing this. I’m older than you but began my grey journey in 2018, it’s my favourite hair colour ever (I’ve had so many 😊) and the most empowering thing I’ve ever done. It’s helped me feel truly authentic and actually more beautiful too, you’re so right about us being worried about ageing , I feel like I’m now embracing the years I’m blessed to have been given by The Lord rather than fighting them. I’m looking forward to seeing your hair change!

  9. I stopped dying my hair 13 years ago and never looked back! As a matter of fact- I never got any compliments on my dyed hair. Now I’m constantly hearing… wow, your hair color is amazing- where do you get it done. Then I smile and say- it’s my natural color! It goes much better with my skin tone too.

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