New Hampshire cabin

Hello my lovelies, I am back home in CT after a full weekend in NH closing on the house and starting to set it up to have as a vacation property. It was very cold outside but we were so very happy together and alone just the two of us.

Here’s the cabin. I was thrilled to see it in person. It has a beautiful big front porch and a back deck, too. It has a metal roof which will be fun. They say it’s very loud when the snow gets heavy and slides off the roof. I wonder what it will sound like when it rains? The house is surrounded by trees. We live off a dirt road and the driveway is dirt, too. The lake is in walking distance and we don’t have a lake view but we do have community-only access to a beach.

After the closing we headed back to the cabin and immediately turned the gas fireplace on. This is the view from the front entry. The floors are pergo. The upstairs area that you see beyond the railing will have built in bookcases for a library and there’s a bathroom up there too. We are having a window seat built up under the window, as well.

The kitchen is so warm and inviting with all the glowing wood and a textured granite countertop. The sink isn’t in front of the window, it’s in the island. Among the first purchases I made for the place was a few scented soy candles because candles help made a house a home.

I went out shopping and when I got back Rich had the coffeemaker set up. I’m using all white dishes from thrifting adventures in this kitchen and it’s too fun to find mismatched dish-ware and buying it just because it’s heavy, economical, and white. It looks so nice through the glass cabinets.

Back deck.

Looking over the deck, a fire pit and the hot tub.

Door and stairs to the finished basement area, the handrail is a white birch branch.

There is a gas fireplace downstairs, too.
And the laundry.

We plan on setting up a gaming area for the kids downstairs with seating and TVs.

The beautiful lake

We took our coffee with us one morning and walked to the lake in the crisp air.

More to come!

We have my entire family coming on Thursday for Thanksgiving so as soon as I got back home last night I turned into the thanksgiving version of myself….lots to do…and I specifically want to do my best to make the day a special one for us to love and grow closer. This will be the first big thanksgiving since Covid. Rich did the Costco trip and had to get two small turkeys instead of one big one because that’s all they had left. Don’t worry —they are the fresh ones, not frozen.

Thank you for being here and interested in what I have to say. I have changed a lot over the past few years and I’m thankful that my friends still love me. Of course you do! Someday I will tell you the details of what happened to me, it was very traumatic but EMDR therapy saved the quality of my life and I am currently healthier than I have ever been, which is sort of sad but also not, both.

You are loved.

7 thoughts on “New Hampshire cabin

  1. Absolutely love this post, and your cabin. I’ve been blessed to follow you from England for years. Sorry to hear you’ve had things happen but happy you’re ok now. PTL! You are blessed with your lovely family thank you for sharing parts of your life with us. I look forward to seeing how you have fun in the cabin.

  2. Of course we love you! Your posts always give me something to think about, be it silly or serious. Time has really, in some ways, flown by!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. May your gravy boat overfloweth!

  3. What a lovely cabin and not really small either right? How many square feet do you think it is? We would love to do this one day … to invest in property other than what we live in. Are you keeping your other holiday home?… hmm I wonder where shanda and Rich will retire to when they are old ? :):) so many possibilities!
    I would love to hear what happened to you when you are ready to share . I’ve definitely noticed a change in your writing and Instagram posts and was sometimes confused about it. Of course I don’t know you in real life and that doesn’t help ha ha!

  4. Good morning, Shanda,
    Yes you are loved. I LOVE your cabin. Can’t wait to see all your special touches. I love the idea of bookcases in the upstairs area. Looks like a great reading place. I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family.
    Love and Blessing to you and your family,

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