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I just wanted to let everyone know that Rich and I are on our way to New Hampshire to buy a little cabin next to a lake. It’s the big lake that starts with a W and the setting in the movie “What About Bob” but I cannot spell it. The cabin is just down a dirt road within walking distance to the lake. Rich and Sarah went to look at the property about a month ago and because of her the sellers took our offer (they loved seeing happy Sarah with her Dad holding hands and talking on their way to see the lake); they have a daughter, too.

We are currently driving and have about an hour to go. It’s 6pm and we just got back on the highway after a stop at McDonald’s. We both ordered a cheeseburger and a small fry. It’s just the two of us. He just asked me if I had per chance brought the eye drops and when I said yes he was so surprised and glad—- “Oh I love you! Good job, woman.” It was cute and I had that feeling of marital closeness over something so small and seemingly insignificant, but I find it romantic that we both use the same bottle of eye drops (for allergies). And we both love listening to 90s country music. He knows all the songs by heart.

Wanna see a picture of our cabin?

It will take some time to get it set up but eventually we will rent it out to vacationers like we do with our Jekyll Island beach place. We are going to furnish this one ourselves. I haven’t even been to it yet but I already love it. It’s on about 3 acres of land, surrounded by trees and private. There’s a jacuzzi! Three bedrooms and a nice finished basement, beautiful kitchen, cozy upstairs reading area, front porch. Quiet and cozy, according to Rich. He has been working so hard on the details and he’s so good at it all, I like to see him enjoying this project for our family.

I am more active on Instagram. If you follow my account there you will notice that I post photos throughout the day of what’s happening, including tomorrow when we officially sign the papers, but I will also try to do a post on Monday.

Jacob and Brittnee are at home watching over things for us.

I am loving this stage of life!!

9 thoughts on “news news

  1. hi shanda…….how exciting you get to see the place in person! safe travels to and from. can’t wait to see what you do to make it your own. how blessed are you? congrats on such a dreamy purchase 🏡 💕

  2. I am happy for you. Your cabin on the lake looks perfect! I’m not on Instagram yet, but I get things you write in Word Press by email. I have a WP account but I have yet to post anything on it. Not sure how, and nobody nearby who can walk me through it. At my age (almost 85) I guess I’m doing good to use email and facebook and I can text too without making too many mistakes.

  3. Wish you’d post all of your writings to email since I also have no Instagram. Causes me to feel I seldom “see” you these days, & I miss you so much. ; (

  4. Congratulations!! It loooks like a piece of heaven in New Hampshire. I am on the same page as the other two ladies above. I am 76 and I only do email and facebook. I do get wordpress posts in email. I hope I will be able to see your pictures. I just love your family and all your adventures. May God’s blessing be on your new little cabin.
    Love to you and your family.
    From SC

      • Shanda,
        Yes, I believe I do get the photos in the email but they are smaller. It’s good to know that you get my replies. I wasn’t sure if you did. I hope all went well with the purchase of the cabin and I look forward to seeing how you decorate it. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

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