SUNDAY we took the children to church and then went to the grocery store to get things for lunch and a day of watching football and being family. Seth and Sarah played with their animals by the fire and when they decided to bring in the leftover helium balloons from the Jack and Jill we sent them out of the living room. They came back half an hour later saying that “Chiyo was dead. Gone. The balloons had taken her away.” After questioning, I got the visual; Seth and Sarah tying their beloved “Chiyo” to as many balloons as it took for her to float away. She was tied and taped to them (safety first). They stood at the top of the driveway and let her go. Nine times out of ten she didn’t get far and they were able to run after her and snatch her back. Then, the tenth time, she went more “up” than “down” and ……. she was gone. (Gone=dead) and Sarah changed into black pants and a black shirt and started cheerfully planning a funeral. They did have a brief search party. I am filled with curiosity and hope that as today is a day-off from school, we can take a wander through the woods and see if we can locate her. Stay tuned.

****edited to add that the lost animal in question was similar to this one…. & very much Real.

SATURDAY evening Sierra’s Mom hosted a Jack and Jill party for Ethan and Sierra, who are engaged to be married. I was involved in decorating, baking brownies, and buying various items to be raffled off to the guests, in the hopes that money could be raised to support their wedding. It was a fun and exciting evening. But these things are always a bit emotional for me because my heart is seeing the deeper, the sensitive, the yearnings……I missed my family, most of which is in New York. I saw Sierra’s aunts and grandma and cousins all rally around her and felt lonely for those days when I felt like I was in my own close family circle, too. So you can imagine my joy when in walked my brother Isaac with his wife. I wasn’t expecting them! And they came. We sat and visited all evening long and it felt right and good. These are the sweet and simple ways in which God our Father is always surprising us. Enough and more.

FRIDAY. the evening before the day of the Jack and Jill, I was filling 20 quart sized mason jars with water on the driveway, and filling each one with marigolds that I planted myself from a large sandwich baggie of saved-seeds given to me by an old church lady named Ginger. I was arranging and working in the quiet and lonely “missing my family and how is Ethan old enough to get married anyway” mood. It was sun-setting time, but with just enough sun to shine through rain and clouds and arch a rainbow through the sky to lift my spirits. A miracle! Sarah and I took photos of each other. thanking God. Over and over.

THURSDAY, WEDNESDAY, on and on it goes, the trip backward in time, to catch you up on all our family happenings. Sarah recovering from mono. Caleb recovering from bronchitis. Me starting and busying myself with my eBay shop. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Seth spraining his ankle and recovering from that. David adjusting to working at Fed Ex. Ethan moving out of the house and into his own apartment. Grace coming to visit. Football games. Cheerleading. Church. Bible study. Walks in the woods. Reading. Housecleaning. Laundry. Meals. Ordinary moments. Bad days. Good days. Magic. Loving. Always loving.

A month ago we drove to New York for a family reunion of sorts for Rich’s side of the family. I say it that way but they truly my family too, in every sense of the word. I am so thankful for the best in-laws I could possibly have. Dad with his teasing love, interest and support and pride, Leslie with her quiet warm care and concern. The aunts and uncles so down to earth and kind. Everyone with their endearing personalities— making each other feel wanted and welcomed and happy. Yes, it was such a happy day.

all our kids – all ten!
Aunt LouAnn is always the cake-cutter and server.
Dad, Uncle Bob, Keith, and Rich (brothers with their sons) —lots of stories here.
Jacob with his Grandpa and Dad
Dad and Leslie
Uncle Bob and Aunt LouAnn
Uncle Ed and Aunt Phyllis
Our daughters


((Other happenings))

27th wedding anniversary Sept 16 in Meredith, NH
Stuff for my eBay shop
Caleb’s last HS football season
Seth’s last season of youth league football
David turned 20
Sarah cheerleader
Sarah sick —and it took time and a blood test to figure out it was mono
decorating for Jack and Jill
Ethan and Sierra

“I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string.” LM Montgomery

All the days are the sweetest and nicest.


I have so much more to share.

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