fall fashion

Last night I awoke very confused from a deep sound heavy sleep with my hand securely attached by my ring to the lace collar of my nightgown. In my sleeping stupor I felt myself rising to the challenge. Indeed, I for some reason got out of bed and stood up in the darkness. I tried in vain to get it free but finally gave up and simply took the ring off (or, took my finger out) and slept with it caught in my nightie just like you see in the photo above. For the rest of the night if I woke up even a little bit I was patting myself, making sure it was still there because I really didn’t want to lose my ring from Tiffany & Co. but how weird that this even happened, right? Rather disturbed my whole night to have it *not on my finger* but leaving it behind on my nightgown was all I could think of to do whilst half asleep. I didn’t even think to turn on the light because I didn’t want to bother my husband but you know what he did to me? He bothered ME this morning by taking my car to drop off Caleb at school and then parking it as faaaaaaar away from the house at the very end of the lower driveway as possible. I had my arms full as I looked all over for it; (I had expected it in the upper driveway where I always park, or in front of the garage)!

If you’re wondering, this is how the ring got caught, the ends don’t meet, they end in a diamond and wrap around my finger. Surprisingly it gets caught in things often.

I got a FREE PEOPLE clothing catalogue today and I don’t buy from them because $$$$ but it’s fun to see the outfits and make up my own similar, with less expensive pieces. Since my husband was in the kitchen with me as I looked at it I told (I mean asked) him to give me a quick YES or NO to each one. These are the ones he would see me wearing;

(I’m just thinking now that it would have been funny to show the ones he hated too but oh well, mainly what I realized that he has a particular negative reaction to baggy wide legged jeans and also ….fishnet stockings).

This one I absolutely love. I have a solid gray dress similar so I could recreate this with that dress and some tights and cute boots.
I mean the skirt is a bit short maybe (definitely) lol—-but I do like both these as well. I have overalls.
Oh oops I got that one outfit two times. but I do really like the black and white pic of the white blouse with long sleeves paired w the jeans and boots. I also think that layered necklaces are very pretty, always.
I would do this with a longer tank underneath.
Last but not least he didn’t like this one. but I did, it was my fav of the whole catalogue 😊

The kids are home from school and soon some of us will be going to Caleb’s football game at the HS. Tomorrow we leave for NY for a family reunion and it’s the first one we have had since COVID so we are all excited. Not only will I see my extended family but also all ten of my children, Lord willing! I’m one happy mama.

It’s a gorgeous September day, and a happy day for me, and I pray God’s peaceful and rich blessings on each one who reads this. Much love!!

5 thoughts on “fall fashion

  1. Shan! It was so nice catching up with what your life happenings. So many words you shared filled my soul this morning. Thank you. I hope your belly button is healing nicely and you are being paid well for your nursing services. Ha! Much love, Chris

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