gratitude is nourishing

I stood inside the house, in the tub, to take this photo. Through a window.

There is a very persistent cat bird beaking itself into the bathroom window. He appears to be obsessed with getting inside. I tell it, “You don’t want to come in here. We have cats. Real ones.” It doesn’t listen to me. He’s in love. With me!! I say, “I’m a human.” He says “I’ve seen all you do for other birds like me. You are full of compassion, keep the feeders full, give treats, sing to us, and look at us lovingly.” I say, “A lot of humans are like me.” And he says, between knocks to the window, “there. Is.” he’s going to die if he doesn’t stop. I have to make him stop. Talking didn’t work. I’ll have to resort to action.

I’m sitting here thinking, “He must have heard me tell Sarah that catbirds are my very favorite.”

He’s driving me nuts and hurting himself. Toxic love at its finest. He truly doesn’t care about me, he just wants what he wants.

Aren’t relationships wonderful? Why yes, they truly are, until you get mixed up in an ugly one. Then you find yourself studying “trauma bond”, “narcissism”, “manipulation”, “sociopath.”

This is taking a very dark turn!!!

Let me just say to you; beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing! The lessons are numerous but the tears will be as waterfalls. Wolves I can deal with. The ones who dress up like sheep are truly scary.

Recovery is possible!! I suggest EMDR therapy. It’s working for me!!

Honestly, I’m still the same beautiful soul, I just have to learn to keep the guards in front of the door to my heart.

Thank goodness gracious 98% of the people I meet are good people. How rare, how precious, how worthy of praise are they? How blessed am I? So in living, my heart goes around on a path of uncertainty, but always ends up … that divine and nourishing place of gratitude!!


On a lighter note, my husband bought me a pint of Ben and Jerry’s cookies dough core ice cream the other day. And do you know what happened? I sat down and…..ate the core right out of it. Then I was in a fix. Who wants chocolate chip ice cream without the cookie dough? Not I! So I put it back in the freezer for a couple days. Until I was craving ice cream again. What to do? Have Rich go get me new ice cream? I knew the answer to that one……hmmmmmm

I pondered the situation and finally realized “At this point it takes me all of five minutes to mix up a bowl of cookie dough.” I have 26 yrs of skillz.

“no more core”
bowl of fresh cookie dough
refilled core
And an extra layer on top.

Time for me to shower and dress. Rich is working from home today, so is Ethan. David is also home working on college courses online. Seth has his first baseball game since Covid happened so we are excited to go watch him play later.

And tomorrow Caleb goes to prom.

((((My heart!!!!))))

You know it’s true friends, we are all so very loved.

“Oh God, give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.” St. Francis of Assisi

3 thoughts on “gratitude is nourishing

  1. Whoa. I can’t believe Caleb is old enough to go to prom!

    I’ve never heard of a  cat bird before, and I think I’m going to be
    creeped out if I ever see one looking in my window. That’s one sick bird!

    Been hearing a lot about EDMR therapy in the news lately. I’m grateful
    you are healing. I’m reading, “The Body Keeps Score.” It’s taking me a
    while to get through it, but it’s very interesting how our bodies deal
    with trauma.

    Regarding the ice cream…I love your ingenuity. 🙂 Ben and Jerry’s is
    not so much a thing where we live, (Blue Bell is the thing here) but
    when I was hiking up the East Coast, B&J was everywhere. My favorite was
    Coffee, Coffee, Buzz, Buzz, Buzz.

    Sorry it has taken me so long to write back. Lots of excuses…no really
    good reasons. We finally caught Covid, and it doesn’t seem to want to

  2. I don’t remember what type it was, some gray chickadee, last year, was relentless. He was determined to get in for weeks. My poor cat was crazy. The bird eventually, mostly, gave up on our windows, but then took to sitting on the cars, talking loudly, and pecking at our mirrors, at least one needs replacing. Crazy birds!!!
    Now, I want ice cream.

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