four dollar goodwill find

I’ve been obsessed with Goodwill lately and I go at least once a week. I’ve found so many treasures that I told my family they will be getting some Christmas gifts from second hand shops this year. It’s delightful to peruse the aisles never knowing what I’ll find next.

For example, yesterday I found a beautiful and scenic oil painting….for four dollars. Not only was the painting beautiful, but the frame was, too.

I didn’t even have to think twice!

Once I brought it home I had to contemplate where I would hang it, which is how I found myself eventually standing on my art table.

Whilst standing on my art table, I was able to reach up and hang the painting by a nail centered above the big picture window.

I found myself singing “Beautiful! Beautiful!” as I carefully got down to the floor….a song I made up spontaneously, but then…..I choked on my song as I noticed An Eye-sore. On the windowsill above was an unsightly plastic bottle of almost all gone water. It was there since the day the boys got a little wild “bottle flipping”. In fact, it was there for maybe even a year, so high up that I had easily ignored it. However, with a flash of insight I knew I could never look at my beautiful art piece without my eyes going up to that water bottle, so…..I got back on the table with a broom. Ugh! What a work out.

That accomplished, I dusted off my hands and started singing again.

“Beautiful! Beautiful!”

This time of year, what with my favorite season giving me joy, the colors inspiring me, the fresh cooler air and bright hotter sun, I delight in my little home. I’m getting it all ready for the coming cold months, when we will be cozily within the pretty rooms again for most of the day.

I put my flashlight away, which I had used as a hammer, and the broom, which I had used as an arm-extender, and started upstairs to gather laundry when I stopped in my tracks.

I couldn’t even believe my eyes.

I had to get the broom again! I was no longer in the mood to document. However, if I had, the video would have been exactly the same, only longer, and you would have heard me groan loudly and say to no one, “I don’t think…..I can….get it.” But with determination I figured out just the right angle to use the broom and eventually the tube of green paint fell just like the water bottle had.

And that’s how I hung my four dollar painting! I’m always having the best adventures in my little ol daily life. I am happy to say that once they came home, my husband and the children noticed the painting right away, too.

They looked at me with wonder and awe. “How DOES she do it?“

Rest assured, dear children, with pocket money, a Goodwill store, a nail, and a flashlight, you too can do little things with great love.

16 thoughts on “four dollar goodwill find

  1. Your picture is beautiful.  I love thrift stores.

    I have to say…you have skills! …and you even got the cobwebs!

    I wish you had captured your song, too. 🙂

    It was a nice surprise to see your blog post notice in my email.

    I pray all is well with you, friend.

    Love and hugs!

  2. “Little things with great love”. That’s a great phrase to remember, and a perfect place for your new treasure.

  3. Kids! We never know what discoveries are in store. Remember the bag of pretzels hanging on your porch? Lol. Here….hmmm….someone keeping hand drawn halloween picts in their underwear drawer.

  4. I love your new art piece. Just think of the person behind it who lovingly created it and who found that frame! I struggle keeping up with all the cleaning, but I know I’m in a season with still some little kids. ♥️

  5. hello Shanda, I really like the interior of your house, it is beautiful, peaceful and warm. I am also a fan of flea markets and garage sales and second-hand stores. I like old objects, they have charm. Hope your family is well, you are a lovely family. Still a lot of happiness for the two young newly married couples Soline

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