so this is the morning

As soon as the queen awakens, she is presented with both the morning’s news and with pressing problems to solve.

With coffee in hand, she waves in the first child; who requests a ride to the grocery store for “pizza dough so we can make pizza for lunch, there’s pizza sauce in the pantry.”

The Queen rarely wishes to give rides, so she demands the child to make his own dough. He leaves, satisfied with her ruling.

The next child is welcomed. She hands the Queen a folded up piece of notepaper, with a tragic expression written (not just on the *said paper*) but also upon her pretty face.

After reading the note, the Queen Mother is not surprised to be encouraged to write back, “now”. The child will wait.

The Queen has never hired a scribe, as she takes pleasure in writing all her own notes.

Thus begins a rather lengthy discussion, involving tears (on the child’s part) and gallant stifled amusement (on the Queen’s part). They share possible solutions, reminders of past times, comforting AND uncomfortable truths, and a baring of souls. Finally, seeing no end in sight and feeling that she had reached the end of her resources, (and also rather hungry for breakfast), The Queen eventually makes a proclamation:

“I have said all I can say on this topic. The rest is up to you, child. Life is full of times that are less than ideal to our personal wants and wishes, and we must all figure out life’s riddle; how to make do with Plan B.”

There was no applause. So she sent them away from her presence. By this time she had also been back and forth from the kitchen several times to help the dough-making-boy, and it was time to dress in her royal garments.

5 thoughts on “so this is the morning

  1. hi shanda…….ha ha! with having a husband, 2 sons, and once a dog who was male, i always thought of myself as the “queen” of my home being the only female. you took this idea to a whole new level. love this!

  2. Oh my what a darling letter! This is the first time all my kids have their own rooms and now one especially is complaining that her window is too small 😂 What is a mother supposed to do about that?
    Love that you wrote her back! What a cute way to communicate! Hope Sarah feels less lonely soon. We should be neighbours. Between Ashley’s too small window and the Sarah’s loneliness…They could visit each other and feel better! who knows…these two girls could be best friends! 😀

  3. I can imagine Sarah feeling lonely. My husband was an only child, and I only had 1 brother, no sisters. Sometimes I wonder if that is why we wanted a large family. I am so blessed to have 5 of my 7 children living in the same town. One of them is right next door. After they all left home, I still had my husband and my mother. Now they’re both gone. I’m still not quite all alone, as a young couple from church are staying with me, in the apartment in our house where my mom lived. I don’t see them a lot since they have their own mini kitchen, and both have jobs, but at least they’re here. If I get really lonesome I face-time my TX daughter and we talk about everything and nothing. She’s lonesome too, as she misses her Indiana family. Just think, in Heaven we’ll never feel lonely again.

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