I was sitting on the front porch reading my current novel (American Dirt) and drinking iced tea when all of a sudden I shut the book and walked down the steps and down the road. Do you ever just get the feeling like you need to move? I went to check the mailbox and there was an amazon package for me, but I left it there because I wanted to keep going…….I needed to be alone, I needed to walk and walk and walk.

I was feeling a little down. As soon as I acknowledged it (to a friend, on my phone), the wind picked up. A few large pine needles and some leaves flew through the air, the sky darkened with rain clouds and it began to rain. I was so happy. I do so love the rain.

I remember when my little brother Isaac would run in the rain with me. That was so long ago now, but still I go……..

I turned left to walk toward the ocean and soon I was all alone on the beach wondering if I could get home before the tide was at the steps of the pier. I walked and walked, my phone got so wet that I couldn’t charge it for half the day. Wet birkenstocks are the worse, the ocean was warm. So, I took off my shoes and splashed through the water. I picked up a shell and a little chunk of wood shaped like a heart. I was drenched. I saw seagulls.

I would much rather walk in Georgia rain than the hot Georgia afternoon sunshine.

The rain cheers my soul.

7 thoughts on “rain

  1. it’s been many years since I walked in the rain. Good memories. Now my girls love to. Reading “A Nail in a Sure Place” by Margaret Jensen. Very good for when I feel down. Hugs. When it rains again here in PA I will have to walk in it and think of you. Sarah

  2. I can remember when i was growing up Mom would let my brother and I go out in the rain and play but only if there was no thunder storm i did the same with my kids now being older i still get the urge to go out in the rain. Glad that you got to enjoy your day in the rain

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