miniture golf

Rich and I finally took the kids mini-golfing, they have been begging since we first arrived here. We hopped on our bikes and happily pedalled our way to the fascility. Seth was by my side as we rode along and he was full of questions, the most important one being, “Who do you think is going to win, Mom?”

I was full of answers, the most important one being, “Oh, I’m going to win for sure!”

So much for confidence, I not only didn’t win, but I came in DEAD LAST. This photo was taken right before Grace added our numbers and announced the placements. (which is why I’m still smiling).


After golfing we went to Zuzu’s on St. Simons and Rich said, “WHY did Sarah order a PANCAKE!”

It was a quesadilla.

We start driving home to Connecticut on Friday.

6 thoughts on “miniture golf

  1. Well, maybe you came in last, but you’re still a pretty and athletic mama! Nice. Happy driving and returning home. May it be painless! Sarah

  2. Can you believe this is the first time I’m reading your blog since the baptism?! Nathaniel is walking (and running) all over and it is so joyous (and tiring) to see him accomplish this great feat! In the evening, my nightly reading has far been substituted by, well, sleeping — after, of course, he sleeps lol. But I love Jekyll Island! So glad you’re enjoying your time there with the family! Have you checked out “St. Andrews Beach” at all yet? I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s idyllically nature-esque and has an observation tower where you can scope out the dolphins which is soo cool! Last time I went, there were hermit crabs living in the whelks on the shore. It’s also a great “shell collecting” beach… so make sure you have pockets 😉 Anywho, looking forward for your return here in Mass. Safe travels back home!

    • Another cool place to visit (as it just came to mind…) is St. Simons Pier on St. Simons Island. If you like lighthouses, there’s a really tall one there. It’s been quite a long time since I’ve visited both places, but I hope they’re still the same. Okay. That’s all I got for ideas. I’m sure another one will pop-up later, of course lol

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