last saturday (for now)

I rather wish I had kept up with daily postings about our Jekyll experience. however, NO REGRETS!

We have gotten to the point where Seth and Sarah are able to go outside riding their bikes or catching lizards and we don’t worry about them. We have also gotten to the point where they have made a clinging friend, a little girl-friend, who walks right into the house like she’s my eighth child, asking where Grace is (first) and then Sarah. She’s currently on the couch with Sarah and they are watching you-tube (five minute crafts). She’s eating macaroni and cheese that she made herself, macaroni and cheese from our pantry, using our microwave. It’s too funny. It’s like she owns the place. She’s a tiny thing, and 8 years old.

This, our last Saturday, has been full of blessings thus far. Rich and I spent a leisurely extra hour or two in our room, reading, and then Sarah came in, too.

I was reading this book and was struck by a quote.

“The battle still rages but she is learning some of the ways and means for combating it.” pg. 264

So I went ahead and did a journal page.

for those days when the battle seems more violent than usual.

The sky and water from the upstairs porch ….. particularly lovely this morning.

We were sitting under an orange light……

Rich and I took the children back to Southern Soul BBQ (I had ribs, again) for a delicious lunch.

She never really felt that she had much in common with her Dad until I mentioned (just this morning) that she had the same color eyes as him. Now they are best friends. She looks right into his eyes, studying them, and proud.

I asked (begged) Rich to let Grace and I roam Brunswick while he ran errands with Seth and Sarah, and happily, he obliged. Grace and I were so so happy to be left that we sat right down on the side walk (behind the street sign) and recovered from too many hours of stimulation (in public and with Seth and Sarah). I read my “Tara” book and handed her my journal, which I have never shown her before, which is full of private thoughts. “I feel normal now,” she remarked when we got up to walk, handing it back to me.

The mix of *buds, freshly opened, and “past their prime” brown and withered* just struck my heart. “messy/beautiful” that’s life. All together, it really is lovely.

Grace can’t ever resist a good climbing tree.

It was a very easy tree to climb, she said. “It has very handy burrs,” I agreed.

We delighted in the brick pathways through the park.

Oh yes I plucked a rose.

“Rich, Rich! Pull over so I can take a photo!”

And he obliged, again.

PS, “last Saturday”……..”for now” is what we keep saying, to comfort ourselves.

15 thoughts on “last saturday (for now)

  1. Yes Grace you are normal, you are exactly as God created you “in his own image”, thankfully he made us all unique. And you, Shanda, are a beautiful woman and Momma!! Love this post!!

  2. Yes, that sitting down, getting out of the crazy, is a necessary thing!!!!!! I’d be tempted to curl up on that porch of yours, with that view, and stay until I was long enough out of the crazy!
    Have a great trip north!

  3. Love you shared with Grace! That’s impactful! Her response was so great! It takes humility and it’s hard to let go and let someone especially a child into your personal things and the blessing of letting your weakness revealed to empower another. This example speaks louder than words!

    Also a friend was sharing a story she read from a book called Affirmation I believe. An example was given about In short a Dad was having a hard time connecting with His daughter and was seeking God about how to do it… one day he noticed how tidy and orderly her dresser was despite the room around her was in disarray… but he only made a comment that praised her for that dresser… and God uses it to open up conversations and build their relationship back up. A simple word of encouragement goes along way.

    Enjoy your last week!

  4. I love that you found a connection for Sarah and her dad. That one thing may be just what she needs for life. Sarah

  5. I too, love that Sarah now feels a special connection to her dad. My middle son and his family visited Jekyll Island once, and loved it.

  6. Wow….Sarah’s and your hub’s eyes DO match!!!! Hope you are having a good trip home. Happy for you to have a nice vacation. You are blessed in so many ways, Shanda.

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