merry christmas 2017 part 1


“Sorry I’m a little bit too excited.” Seth

Ethan didn’t get home until after 11pm last night so we stayed up pretty late getting the tree and gifts all ready for Christmas morning.  I almost forgot where I put the key to the padlock that I had put on a big bin downstairs to hide gifts but thank goodness my brain came up with it (my jewelry box).  We went to sleep shortly after midnight.

The first thing I said this morning was “GO BACK TO BED!”  Caleb and Seth were not only awake but busy with the lights blaring and making all kinds of noise in the kitchen… four in the morning.  SERIOUSLY?

We got up for real at about 7:30 and spent 2 and a half hours opening gifts together.  We took our time, laughed a lot, made the living room a mess with all the wrapping paper, and it was much fun.  I took lots of photos with my phone that I will put on the blog eventually.


Ethan and his new boots.


Dave in his new sunglasses.  “I think they’re going to make me look like a killer robot.”


Brittnee, Grace, and Sarah


Beauty outside the window.

“Look outside, it’s the most wonderful scene for Christmas.” ~Rich


new Christmas cats!


Seth, myself, and Rich

(we were all playing a card game)






I made ham and scalloped potatoes for dinner and soon we will prepare homemade pierogi that Tessa’s family sent up.  Caleb is putting together a huge lego set, Seth is playing with his new Hess truck, and Rich is watching the Steelers game.  I have had way too much candy today.

Merry Christmas!

You are loved.

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