this morning


(woolly bear caterpillar on the road)

Amanda came over for a few hours this morning.  She brought her dog Lloyd.  The three of us went on a nice walk together.

DSC_1317 1

The air was crisp and clean.  The kind of morning when you want to breath deep.

DSC_1326 1

my sister ~ my friend

DSC_1328 1

scenes from the neighborhood

DSC_1336 2


“For there is no friend like a sister
In calm or stormy weather;
To cheer one on the tedious way,
To fetch one if one goes astray,
To lift one if one totters down,
To strengthen whilst one stands”
~Christina Rossetti

DSC_1348 1

“How beautifully leaves grow old.  
How full of light and color are their last days.”  ~John Burroughs


My sister almost stepped on a lizard!

I was so thrilled and promptly took photos from every angle.

I looked it up when we got home and discovered it was a “Spotted Salamander” and Connecticut’s largest salamander.

DSC_1364 2



Just look at the spots!

DSC_1375 1


Maybe it was trying to find a little warmth on the road?  But the road is a very unsafe place to be, so I saved its little life by putting it in the leaves on the edge of the woods.



heading back home


I made pumpkin cookies this morning, too, from a 1972 Pennsylvania State Grange cookbook.


If anyone knows Mrs. Robert Conaway tell her I used sunflowers seeds instead of nuts, and I also included one egg.  They were delicious.


9 thoughts on “this morning

  1. It’s absolutely gorgeous! All of it. I’m loving the Fall leaves in your photos.

    Thank you for saving the spotted Salamander. I do the same thing. 🙂

    • Kara, when I walk I come across worms, slugs, and caterpillars on the road right in my path….I always stop to fling them out of the road. 🙂 How are you?? It must be pretty outside at your place, too? I feel like our colors aren’t as bright this year because a lot of the leaves were eaten this spring by those gypsy moth caterpillars.

      • I saved a Walking Stick on a trail a couple of weeks ago. It would have gotten stepped on by the people behind me had I not rescued it.

        We’ve had a very warm Fall. Bud says that it’s the cold weather that triggers the sap to go down into the trunk and that makes the leaves start to turn. We recently had a cold snap, and our trees are just now starting to noticeably turn color.

        Well at least you will have a healthy Gypsy Moth population. 🙂 I hope your Fall is more beautiful than you are expecting. I’ve always thought the Fall in the Northern states is more brilliant. Maybe it’s because you have different kinds of trees? I don’t know. It just always strikes me when I see your Fall pictures how colorful the leaves are.

        I’m not complaining. I’m just grateful we actually have a Fall Season here. It’s so short…I always try to soak it in and enjoy it to the fullest. It’s my favorite season.

  2. 1. You are blessed with a sister.
    2. Love that red house! (You know I love red)
    3. I received the happy mail today! So lovely! I loved EVERY piece. You are sweet, dear bloggy friend. Thank you SO much!
    4. ❤️

    • 1. The older we get the more we realize how blessed we are to have each other. #2) The house is from the 1700’s and belonged to a woman named Sara Kent. The current owners are always busy doing things, its obvious they love their place. In regards to #3 YOU ARE SO WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and #4: love you too! ❤

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