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Last weekend, Rich left with Grace, David, and Caleb to go to camp in NH for a week.  Jacob and Ethan stayed home so they could work and I left for NY (back home) with Seth and Sarah.  I thought it would be a good chance for a lengthy visit with family, not to mention that the church I grew up in was also having their children’s VBS and I knew Seth and Sarah would love that experience.   We drove to my parent’s house on Saturday and spent the weekend with them, and for the rest of the week we stayed next door to my Aunt Colleen’s house, in her in-laws’ downstairs apartment of convenience and delight.

I only took my phone with me; no big Nikon this time, and no laptop; thus the silence from wordpress blogging.  I did update FB and instagram now and then.

It’s good to be home!  I have lots of pictures to share from our week away.

Sarah is snuggled up next to me playing my kindle and talking while I type.


One of the things Mom and Dad and all their decendents do at this time every year is pick as many wild blueberries from Mom and Dad’s blueberry patch across the road. . . . .


Brother Nate and Brother Dave were so fun with their antics….Nate refusing to pick because he was “made to do it too much when he was a kid” and he “doesn’t like picking”.  Dave teasing Dad and having little conversations with Sarah.  There are so many bushes that we end up wandering off on our own, but still talking, laughing, teasing, and making strange noises to each other.  Everyone who was willing to pick had a cup or a basket to put berries in.


When we were done, my mom and sisters in law baked a cake using Mom’s cookbook that she copied out in her pretty handwriting when she was a young teenager.


Mom added lemon zest to the recipe and it was fantastic.


Melissa and Maria went through all the berries we picked and cleaned, bagged, and labeled them.


We visited the garden and saw snakes.


In the end of day golden hour, Mom and Sarah went out for MORE picking.  Sarah ate so many blueberries that day we starting giving her warnings about digestive issues.  🙂


After church on Sunday, I took Seth and Sarah to my favorite local & independent bookstore in the area where Sarah “adopted” an owl and I bought a crossword puzzle book (too hard) and a novel.



We walked the busy and interesting main street and made a stop in several shops, including one in the historical society.  I took a picture of the arrowheads; this area of NY has many Native American artifacts which are always fascinating.

I would have stayed and read every word but alas, my little children were not as interested as I was.


Back at Mom and Dad’s, Mom and the grands made another cake to use up bananas.


And played foosball.  Mom laughed so hard, I wish I could remember why.  She and I were taking turns playing.  I was sitting and trying to do a cross word puzzle, too.


Sunday evening, more picking!  Some of the bushes are so tall Mom has to bend them down for Sarah to reach (and hide in).

Tomorrow I will blog about the rest of our week.

(I can’t concentrate right now….too many interruptions).


10 thoughts on “back to the blog

    • Mom just turned 60! She works full time at a job she loves and then goes home to spend time with Dad, garden, bake, and pick berries. She is the church treasurer, too. She loves her life. She’s very inspiring to me.

    • We had our moments of “no fun” but in general it was a great time. I have some berries that I left in Mom’s freezer that I’ll get eventually!

  1. If I had one word to describe your life I think it’d have to be “cozy”. (besides blessed, busy, full and fun). I enjoy reading it and was having withdrawal this past week. 🙂 I marvel at your mom’s kitchen. TWO kitchen aid mixers! And the blue pot on the counter. LOVE. Also, I love your purple purse of which we get a glance. Curious what it looks like and where it’s from.

    • Penny, you’re a kindred spirit in so many ways! Mom and I both have two mixers, simply because we at first bought “small and basic” and then after a few years realized that the bigger ones are much better for those huge batches of cookies and for bread baking. The blue pot is Martha Stewart that Dave and Maria gave her as a gift. My purple purse LOL I bought it because it’s LIFE IS GOOD brand (which I LOVE) and on clearance…purple because it was the only color option. I’ll post a pic on insta so you can see the whole thing! LOVE you! xo

  2. I missed reading your blog! Glad that everything is okay and that you were having a special and fun week with family 🙂 LOL on your brother being done with berry picking.

    • Yes, Nathan is funny. Such fun and ever since childhood he’s had so much energy. Yes, all is well, and we are home now, getting ready for college kids to leave the someplace for the school year.

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