you’re part of my heart

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We went to the playground.

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The boys had friends over to play baseball, football, video games, fishing, swimming….

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If we should be so lucky
as to touch the lives of many, so be it.
But if our lot is not more than the setting of a table,
or the tending of a garden,
or showing a child a path in the woods,
our lives are no less worthy.
Kent Nerburn

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Grace and I went for a long walk through the woods, visited Sam-cat and the chickens.  She read to me the medicinal values of yarrow and elderberry, she chewed yarrow even though she didn’t have a tooth ache and said it made her tongue numb.  Mountain Laurel is in bloom and almost done.  We ate wild strawberries and sniffed deeply of wild roses.

I think this is how we’re supposed
to be in the world ~
present and in awe.
Anne Lamott

We went together to take our small visitors home and then to the grocery store where she is getting ready to work this summer.  I made chili and pasta for dinner.


It’s fake blood.

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I sent Sarah upstairs to play while I worked in the kitchen.  When I went to get her for dinner I found her on the floor…fast asleep.

Summertime, fun and exhausting!

How was your day?

6 thoughts on “you’re part of my heart

  1. That sounds like the beginning of a wonderful summer — and congratulations to Grace, for her graduation and for a new job, and for wanting to stay home this summer but to move on in the fall!

  2. My day was good. I made stuffed grape leaves, which I usually only make once a year, when the leaves are young and tender. It’s an Armenian/Greek/Turkish/Lebanese/etc. dish. I make yogurt dill garlic sauce to dip them in. Added a little garden mint too. This afternoon my friend came to clean for me. She usually comes every 2 weeks, and since she’s a home-schooling mom, she brings 1 or 2 daughters with her, and they clean too. Later I went to my daughter’s next door. They’re having a garage sale, and she wanted me to take some of her daughter’s out-grown clothes to keep for some of my other grand-children. Also my TX daughter called to say she and her daughter hope to fly here Mon. for a visit. I say hope because they fly stand-by as her dil works for Spirit airlines. Enjoy your summer.

  3. Love sarah sleeping! Sounds like a splendid day Shanda! We were busy today, Abigail had skit practice as she is in the VBS skit this year, picked up a friend for my boys to play with and we all went running and played basketball…I tried playing ball but after the hot sun staring down on me on the court… I lasted 15 minutes…. by the afternoon…I think I felt like Sarah sleeping on the floor! 😊

  4. Looks like a wonderful first day of summer! Summer used to be my favorite season. I’m not quite so sure about that anymore as the kids are “grown and flown” and it gets pretty hot here in southern California. I started my day by having coffee with a friend. Then she and I worked at the charity thrift store we help out at until mid afternoon. I came home and gave the cats some attention and then went had an appointment to get a hearing aid …. I am 62 🙂 I like it so far! When I got home, the kitties got some more attention – they are not neglected lol.

  5. What a fun day you all had! Isn’t it great how things work out…right when the schedules start to wear you out –summertime is here! Then in August we usually start needing some “routine” back in our lives because summer starts wearing me out! 🙂

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