*happy birthday to my son*


Fourteen years ago I was holding my healthy newborn baby David in my arms and now look at him!  He wants to be taken places like Home Depot.  So that’s what we did…..armed with a list of things he needed, the two of us did some shopping.


He is endeavoring to make a “Mini Metal Foundry”.  His Uncle Dave already mailed him the first item on the list, a “clay graphite crucible”, just big enough to fit a soda can.  (He’s been collecting them and has a whole bin ready to melt.)

He says once his operation is set up his “crafting abilities will increase by 30 percent.”

(I’ve been laughing about that one for days)

What are you going to make with the melted metal, I ask.

“Well, I could make metal signs,” he explains…….”and other stuff.”

I felt anxious in the Home Depot with the list.  I felt like a fish out of water.  I don’t know where anything is.  David was kind of amused.  However, we were able to find everything we needed except for the five quart big mouthed bucket.  Thank you to my husband for answering a few questions (via texting) we had about the drill.



Isn’t he a nice boy?


Happy Birthday, Dave!

We headed to Panera for lunch and guess who met us there?


Big brother Jake.  🙂  He was able to drive over after his class at college.

These two have a great relationship.  David does as much stuff with Jacob as he possibly can.  If Jacob is going someplace and asks if anyone wants to go along, David will always say yes.  I’ve noticed that David has a lot of love and adoration for his three older siblings, but nothing but minimal toleration bordering on annoyance for his three younger ones.  Interesting.


Just to show you that he is indeed taller than his Mom.  (Panera was in the mall)

He thanked me in the car for his nice birthday things.


He took a selfie wearing his new hat and shirt.


He couldn’t wait to get to work on his project.  He is currently outside on the patio mixing up plaster of paris, wearing a dust mask and no shirt.  Every once in a while I can hear him singing to himself as he works.  He knows what he likes and he does it.  He keeps himself busy learning and doing.  06111d7d5720dfdc2c4ff29368131612


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