Jean’s scraps


As I mentioned in the last blog post, I had found some old scrapbooks belonging to an unknown woman named Jean at the local thrift store.  They are full of scrappy treasures…here are a few samples from just one of them:


This made me cry a little.


The Music Man


Ted Williams


Royalty gets around


Abraham Lincoln


“Delightful Hysteria” July 31, 1960

There are quite a few newspaper clips on JFK, including his death in a later scrapbook.



Caroline Kennedy trying to get away….naughty, naughty!  😉




The only thing I was surprised about was the lack of recipes.  Out of all eight scrapbooks there were a total of 0 recipes and nothing about food.

I bet she was a very slender woman.

6 thoughts on “Jean’s scraps

  1. A “blog” of its day. I love it – we often Find stuff like this at Roberts barn and I could sit for hours and look and read. Thanks for sharing your treasure! ❤️

  2. That’s neat. Very interesting to see what someone collected and now it’s a treasure b/c of the history given.
    You got a good eye for spotting neat stuff!😃

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