wet walk


I have a room all to myself; it is nature. ~Thoreau

It had rained that day and we were restless.  Therefore, Seth, kitty, and myself went for a rather wet ramble in the woods.

Our feet were soaked…. all the way through our sneakers and socks.  Our feet said, “squish, squash” as we stepped and climbed over logs and streams.


The Mountain Laurel was in bloom.  These beautiful shrubs are Connecticut’s state flower.  As we drove along the roads on Sunday, to and from church, I looked deeply into the woods and could see Mountain Laurel everywhere.


Things were very drippy on our wet walk day.



We found two very small bushes of bog laurel, a pretty blossom.  They were growing among the Mountain Laurel.


We saw an inch worm dangling from it’s thread.

It was amusing to watch it climbing back up, slowly, awkwardly, and methodically.

It was afraid of our eyes looking at it so closely.


The woods were very jungle-like, especially after a nice rain


a secret place…does an tiny elf or mouse visit here sometimes?

(Incidentally, last night I was on the couch watching TV and half asleep with Rich.  The boys went outside to play “man hunt” just in time to rescue a perky eared, black eyed mouse from the cat.  They brought it inside within a cup to show me, but I didn’t know what they were bringing until they handed it over and I looked inside. 9:30pm is much too late in the day to admire mice.)


my funny Seth






We went to find some wild strawberries but we didn’t eat this one.

Someone was already eating it.


I fed my son wild strawberries while he was busy looking for cool rocks.


“Put them in your pockets,” I said, and he did.


We crossed the stream to get home quicker and I stopped by the chicken coop to get……….


…..the eggs!

Want some?



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