with seth

I know right away when I love a song……as soon as I hear it, it sort of stops me in my tracks.  I travel away into the song, forgetting everything around me….

and this is one of them!

A song for a Friday.

(Grace sent it to me one day in a message through FB.)


Today was Senior Skip day.  Ethan made homemade pancakes for breakfast using his Grandma’s recipe for himself and four of his friends.  While he was making them, I got ready to go out shopping and then the phone rang.  It was the elementary school nurse calling me in regards to Seth.  She wanted me to come and get him because he was uncomfortable with an allergic reaction in his eye.

Do any of you have this problem?  Or a child with this problem?  It’s the dust.  It gets in his eye and the eyeball itself swells, sometimes the lid and the “bag” underneath also swells, but the eye gets red and itchy, too.  It happens randomly now that it’s springtime and most often when he is on the little league field playing ball in all that dust.  I normally do nothing about it but a cool washcloth because it resolves within a few hours, but it does look and feel terrible.

I asked him when I walked him out to the car, “Seth, Mommy was about to go to Target but I suppose you probably can’t go because of your sore eye, right?”  And he sighed like a martyr and said, “I can go.  It’s just an eye.”  “Oh, Seth!  Are you sure?”  “Yeah”, he says, with that same little sigh but I know very well he’s dying to go to Target with me.


“Why are there so many cars there?”
“Is this the road Aunt Amanda lives on?”
“Can I have batting gloves?”
“Can we go to Dick’s?”
“Can I get a batting helmet?”
“What’s your age plus Dad’s age?”
“Is anyone at home right now?”
“When does David get home?”
“Can we listen to music?”
“Am I going to practice tonight?”
“Are we still in Connecticut?”

He had lots of questions and as is typical, whenever one child is with me, that child talks nonstop to Mom and I sit and drive and smile and listen and my heart….it swells up so big with joy.  I say, “You are so cute.” and I reach over to pat their shoulder now and then.


We went to Goodwill first and I actually found a piece of fiestaware.  It’s a seamist sugar bowl without the lid.  It was super exciting.  I also got a springtime wreath for 3 dollars and some other odds and ends.

Mainly, the purpose of the trip was to have fun getting a few summer items for Seth and Sarah.  Sarah has grown so much that her last year’s shorts are much too short.  I keep saying to her, “Yes you can wear those shorts to school IF you put a skirt on over them.”  The one pair of longer shorts she has she refuses to wear because she thinks they are swimming shorts.


Seth found a Land’s End swimming shirt at Goodwill.  He says he likes it because it will keep him warm under the water.  He also got a pair of swimming trunks (Lego Movie) from Target.


This bottle was 50 cents at Goodwill.  I brought it home and put dandelion seeds in it.

We ate chick fil a drive thru for lunch and he said, “Thanks, Mom.”  And he also said, while eating, “I bet fries are made of potatoes.”  He said this after he noticed the waffle fry had skin on it like a potato.  It only took him seven years to figure it out!

He bought a calculator from Goodwill for a dollar and made up math problems to ask me.  He was so surprised, stunned really, when I got them right.  Mind you, it was first grade math.

When we got home he played baseball for a little while and I planted carrots and sunflowers.

Now he’s snoring on the couch, five minutes after telling me he didn’t want to take a nap.

It’s been a super delightful morning with my Sethie.


4 thoughts on “with seth

  1. Ahhh, that Seth. He is fun! Glad the allergy thing turned into a blessing today. I am on a group with mom’s who treat things naturally, and I will ask about the pollen.
    You make such good finds!

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