Sometimes life is very crappy.

But, I think you will agree,

that much of it is

very dear.


Mother’s Day, 2016 began with my husband waking me up from a very sound sleep, with two small sons on either side of him.  They had made me breakfast to eat in bed.  As soon as they exited the room, leaving me to struggle awake and try to open my mouth wide enough to bite into a huge bagel egg sandwich, my Mom texted me “Happy Mothers Day!”  When I was done eating, I called her and we had a nice little chat.  By that time, Grace and Sarah were awake and snuggled on each side of me.

So the day began with love.

Rich left to go to church with four of the boys.  I stayed home to take Ethan and Grace to school so they could prepare for their final performance of Mary Poppins.  Sarah insisted on staying with me, even though it would mean she would see the play three entire times over the weekend.  We dropped Ethan and Grace off four hours before show time, and then drove in the rain to the grocery story to get flowers and snacks for them to take to the cast party.

As I was putting things away, I received a text asking me if I would like to go back to the school because there was a “Character Tea Party” being held in the cafeteria which Grace thought I would enjoy.  Sarah had just started eating her special soup that she chose at the store to have for lunch (it was 11:00 am) but when I told her the message she put the lid back on.  “I can just put this in the fridge for later,” she explained, which I thought was so sweet.  Sarah was all set to run right back out the door which encouraged me to go ahead and text Grace, “I’m on my way.”

We had a nice tea party at a pretty blue and white table with Jenna and her mom and aunt.  Sarah liked the cucumbers and pickles and her tea cup full of lemonade.  We were also served jam sandwiches and several other tasty bite-sized foods and treats.  Grace, as Mrs. Brill, sat with us and kept saying, “I’m so happy, Mom, I’m so so happy.  Happy Mother’s Day.”  Grace herself was the highlight of the tea for me, and I hold her sparkling eyes and joy in my heart even now.  Ethan and Caleb were there, too, begging for food from our plates.  We were able to see and meet Mary Poppins and Burt, and the other characters, too.  Sarah blushed several shades of pink when Burt spoke to her.

We attended the 2pm performance, me and my little friend Sarah, along with my sister and her family, and Isaac and Cassandra.

It was a wonderful production and I will post photos of the play, very soon.


Sarah fell asleep in the backseat while I drove the kids to their cast party.  Back home, I got into bed with Sarah and read a book with her snuggled up next to me.  David came in and out of the room to visit, too.  I have such comfortable children.  The afternoon passed by so quickly.  Soon it was the end of the day and I was on the couch with Rich when Emily and Jacob arrived with a mother’s card for me with SIXTEEN signatures on it.  It was such a surprise and I will treasure it always.  Jacob had his siblings sign it, plus Emily and eight of their dearest friends, who are at our house so often that they are rather like part of the family and my children, too.  (Thank you all!!!!!)  Jacob, Ethan, Grace, David, Caleb, Seth, Sarah, PLUS Caleb T, Zak, Zach, Allie, Emily, Emily, Tessa, Michael, Cody.  God bless you.

From what I understand, Jacob had driven all over the place gathering up the signatures.

They also gave me two broody chicken figurines, which make me smile.  Sarah said, “Where are their FEET?” and I explained that when a hen is sitting on eggs they tuck their feet all up underneath them so they cannot be seen.

In fact, we currently have two broody hens in the chicken coop nesting boxes and no amount of common sense conversation is making them understand that they are sitting on eggs which will never become chicks.  One of the hens has even plucked all her feathers off her “underside” so as to warm the eggs better.  Every time I go in I remove any eggs from under her, receiving several sharp peck on the hand for my efforts.  But the warmth she can generate is wonderful.



(Some) of the mothers in my life; Grandma (holding my son David) Great Grandma, and mom.

Thirteen years ago.

I honor and love you.




1 thought on “sometimes

  1. You are the sweetest mom ever, Shanda. I’m so glad you were celebrated in such an honourable way. I love it that your son drove around getting signatures. That’s the coolest thing.

    And I adore old photos. What a beautiful one.

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