all the exciting stuff we did on saturday


We drove out to NY on Saturday.  We stopped at the mall in Albany because I had Macy’s money that was going to expire that day and I wanted to see if there was a good selection of fiestaware….there wasn’t.  The only thing they had besides the typical place settings, mugs, plates, and bowls was a single white disc pitcher so that’s what I got.  It was free so I was happy.  Rich and the kids ate at the food court before we hit the road again.

Grace and Jacob were not with us on Saturday because G had a singing obligation and J had to work.  They drove out on Sunday morning with Emily, Jacob’s girlfriend.


The next stop on Saturday was a very popular chicken BBQ place.  The kids played on the playground and Rich took a nap on a picnic table, while yours truly ordered a chicken dinner take out.


I sat in the car to eat it because it was too cold outside for me.


We drove to our hotel.  The kids swam for a while and Rich went running in the work out room.  I rested (I was suffering from a sinus headache all day) and then went down to watch the kids swim.


After swimming we drove to an antique store in B. that I knew had fiestaware because my Mom and sister had texted me pictures a few days before.  I will post the photo of what I bought at the end of this post.  It didn’t take long at the antique store and then we went to a really popular produce stand in the area (where Rich and I grew up).  We all picked out our favorite fruits to eat from this place that I have been going to since I was a child.


They allow sampling of the fruit.



The spring flowers were lovely in the sunshine.



This was pretty much the best day ever because after that, we went bowling.




And then!  Pizza!


Caleb and I were both reading Harry Potter #4 but he had left his copy in the hotel so we shared my copy while we waited for our pizza to arrive.  We have both moved on to #5 now and I’m beating him. (He finished #4 first) As soon as he got off the bus today I said, “I’m on page 130!” and he said “Quit reading!”



It’s always so so good for Rich and I to go back home and visit our old haunts!

(We are high school sweethearts and both our families go back several generations in our hometown)……..



I spy with my little eye ONE retired Sapphire Carafe and THREE mini disc pitchers in retired apricot, yellow, and juniper.  So exciting.

3 thoughts on “all the exciting stuff we did on saturday

  1. Oh how fun! That’s awesome you’re reading with your son. I sure wish my boys liked to read! Cute outfit,love what you put together. 🙂 I love antique stores,and it looks like you got some great finds!:)

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