John 12:12=24

Yesterday at church Seth was sitting close by my side, just where I like him to be.  I gave him a pen and paper to give him something to do and it soon became apparent to me that his mind was occupied with, not religious matters, but mathematics.  He was busy writing a story during the sermon and this is what it said:

The lazy Dog by Seth

Captr One 

Once thar was a dog the dog was rily smart.  The dog new what 100 + 100 is and 200 + 200 is but one day the dog didint no what something was and it was 100 + 800 and he thinnked and thinnked but he couldn’t do it so he ascked the techer.  The techer didn’t now so the techer thincked and thincked and the techer got it and it was 900.  

Chapter 2

The techer was smorter then the dog the techer new wat 100-15 was it was 85.

That was all he was able to get done during the sermon.  It was quite a laborious task for him.  He whispered a couple of questions to me when he needed some help with it.  One question was “How do you spell ‘what'”(he didn’t care about the other words) and the other was “What is 100 minus 15?”

He informed me that it will be 90 chapters long.  To which I replied, “90-2=88”

Then he told me that he knew what 12 plus 12 was.  He told me this after staring at the sermon text for a while.


4 thoughts on “John 12:12=24

  1. He’s so smart! I love when children write stories about what they think is important – and through the stories, we have a glimpse of what they think is important too!

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