don’t curse the darkness; light a candle

“Many times I would go to my mother with my heart and mind terribly bothered.  I had so many questions that tortured my little mind.  My heart was aching.  Mother would patiently listen to me, and then would tell me, ‘My boy, the Bible says that the whole world lives in evil.  Everything is so dark, there is no other way than to expect God to do His grace to this world.  These conditions, these evil things, make it a greater responsibility for us Christians to light our torches, to be a light of hope for many who want to see something better than what they experience at present.’  There was a Chinese proverb that she knew, and many times she would tell it to me, admonishing me to look unto Christ, who is the sun of righteousness, the light of the world.  This was the proverb that she would tell me:  ‘Don’t become bitter.  Don’t curse the darkness.  It is better to light a candle.’  So, she would encourage me to do any good act, to be ready to help man and beast, those who were in need.  Whenever she was unable to go and call on some sick or on some bereaved, she would send me with some little gift (some fruit, some flowers), something that would bring some hope, a beam of light in their hearts.”  ~Philotheos Zikas (b.1907, Greece)

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