I want to read allllll the books


I would be most content

I dropped of David at school after an appointment and went to the library to return books.

I wandered the aisles and realized…..I wanted to read all the books.  I imagined being stranded and locked up, in a library and I didn’t mind the image.  So many books.  It’s amazing how many have been written, how many are contained at the library, free for the borrowing.

if my children


a stack of my own books by the bathtub

grew up


what we listen to in the car

to be the kind of people


reading in a coffeeshop

who think decorating consists mostly of


currently reading:

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


The Memoirs of Gluckel of Hamelin  This book is the published diary of a German Jewish woman who began writing it at the age of 44 in the year 1690.  She was compelled to write because her beloved husband had died and it gave her something to do during the long lonesome nights.  She had 14 children and she wrote the diaries for them.  In it, “She tells how she guided the financial and personal destinies of her children, how she engaged in trade, ran her own factory, and promoted the welfare of her large family.  Her memoir, a rare account of an ordinary woman, enlightens not just her children, for whom she wrote it, but all posterity about her life and community.  Gluckel speaks to us with determination and humor from the seventeenth century.  She tells of war, plague, pirates, soldiers, the hysteria of the false messiah Sabbtai Zevi, murder, bankruptcy, wedding  feasts, births, deaths, in fact, all of the human events that befell her during her lifetime.”

building enough bookshelves.

~Anne Quindlen

6 thoughts on “I want to read allllll the books

  1. Oh my,how we love,love,love books here too! I can never have or read enough books. I’ve got 2 going as we speak,and my daughter and husband love to read as well. I think we’ll have to build more shelves. I have a book recommendation for you. All the Light We Cannot See. Excellent. How fun to lunch in a coffee shop with a book! Christina

  2. I am with you in this, I typically have a few books going at a time. I mostly get them at the library or the library book store. I buy Christian biographies, most often about missionaries, to keep. I also buy the lovely hardbound books from Lamplighter that have read alouds with great stories.

    I am currently reading Anne of Avonlea from the library. Someone borrowed our series years ago and never returned, so I am rereading them and checking out the nice children’s copies that have pictures 🙂 I am also reading “A Passion for the impossible” by Miriam Huffman Rockness, about the life of Lilias Trotter. And a book I was given at the woman’s dinner called “I punched myself in the Eye” by Pamela Capone. She read a few of the stories to us at the dinner.
    I liked “All the light we cannot see” also. It is a combination of beauty and sadness, but shows the good.

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