As soon as I emerge from my room with the intention of having a quiet cup of coffee, I am greeted by the sight of least one small child and three teenagers.  The teenagers are getting ready for school, popping bagels in the toaster, finding matching socks, half dressed, printing out homework, etc.  The small ones see me and immediately start talking.  This morning was “Mom, with the medicine that you give me will it hurt when they pull out my string?”  and “Mom, I want a cream cheese bagel with butter and cream cheese.  No, I want toast with butter.  Two pieces.”  Happy dances, sparkling eyes, mama in her red robe making toast……..

This morning Rich was still home when I came out of my room and we kissed all alone in the pantry finding coffee and he made it for me without me asking and I sat on the couch with a hot mug in my hands.  Soon there were three, do you see Seth as he hides from the camera?  The mug is hiding a double chin.  Caleb is hugging me and Sarah had already eaten her two pieces of prepared-to-order toast.  I contentedly watched Rich put his shirt on for work.  We listened to David laughing about something he saw on youtube, we all laughed as he explained, but not because it was interesting but because he was interesting–funny and happy.  Ethan was sitting at the counter, Grace walked through with her Mary Poppins shirt on, she has a math test this morning and we .  She carried her bagel and tea with her onto the bus.

“Early in the morning, my song shall rise to thee”


This is what I look like after the shower and make up.


9 thoughts on “me

  1. You are such a beautiful moma,inside and outside. In your red robe,or freshly showered with makeup on. ❤ kissing in the pantry eh? Lol gotta grab thoes moments with our men! How well I know! Have a great day!:) Christina

  2. Intentions of a quiet cup of coffee…Ha! That does not happen when you’re a mom. 😉
    But what a joy to have happy, healthy kids bustling around the house. I love it….<3
    Cute post.

  3. I love that you are comfortable in your own beautiful skin. I would be afraid to do a post like this because of what people would think or judge one way or the other. You bust that glass ceiling and I really like you for it. You make me more brave.

  4. You are so darling. I love the natural and the put together Shanda, and especially the one inside that shares from her heart. So great that you and Rich had the kissing in the pantry 🙂 Do you ever want to put a coffee maker in the bedroom? I am always best AFTER my first cup. Snuggling makes it all wonderful. I am missing my littles of late. I prayed for God to fill my heart on Saturday. He answered in an unexpected way. I was asked by a friend to take her nursery duty on Sunday, and I got to snuggle with two adorable babies. Isn’t God good?!
    I have a blue robe with snowflakes and a white fleece robe, Bob calls my “snowball” robe.

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