what’s the special occasion? “life”

“The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.”


“And now we thank you, our God, and praise your glorious name.” 1 Chronicles 29:13

We spent the weekend in literal freezing temperatures.  Saturday there was a wrestling tournament.  My brother Isaac and his wife Cassandra came and watched it with us.  Ethan came in fourth in his weight class.





On Sunday, my sister came and dropped off Abigail and picked up Sarah.  It was Valentine’s Day.  Rich took Seth to compete at States for wrestling and Seth won.

While they were away doing that, I took Ethan and Tessa to Texas Roadhouse and dropped them off.  Abbie, Grace, and I went shopping at our favorite store, Sephora.  Also, as a nice Valentine’s gift for Rich and I, I went to Pottery Barn and bought a beautiful dark gray linen duvet cover for our bed.    When we came home, I found flowers in a vase on the counter from Jacob.  He gave me a rose, and he gave each of his sisters a red carnation.  Later on that evening, Caleb came by to take Grace out to dinner for Valentine’s Day.








On Monday, I had a dentist appointment.  I had to have a filling in one of my very back molars.  It was not fun for a variety of reasons.  And then my face was numb for several hours.  After the appointment, I picked up Zak and brought him home to spend time with Jacob and Ethan.  I dropped him off at the house and picked up the kids and we went to see the movie Kung Fu Panda 3 with my sister, and we exchanged back our girls.  When I came home, I found that my new TOMS had arrived.  I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


8:30 last night we were all visiting and chatting in the kitchen….David showed everyone a youtube video.  Aren’t these smiling faces wonderful?  (Oops I forgot to crop out dinner, which was meatloaf and everyone picked on it saying it looked like something else all together.)


This morning I had my yearly check up.  I took Grace and Sarah along so we could go shopping together after the appointment.  We went to Costco and then Target.  We picked up Grace’s boyfriend on the way home.  When we arrived, I had all the kids help bring in the food and clean up the kitchen a little.  I was so very happy that all my favorite kids were here and so I took a portrait of them to hang on my blog and on my wall.  I love these people so so so so much.


from left to right:  Caleb, Grace, David, Zak, Ethan, Tessa, Sarah, Emily, Jacob, Michael, Caleb (sitting on floor), and Seth.


I have to show you a picture of the shoes Sarah picked out today.  We were in Payless.  She didn’t hesitate at all.  She said, “I am going to get these because I have NO high heels.”


She twisted her legs so I could be sure to take a picture of the heels so Aunt Amanda could see them.  Grace was unamused at Payless, “She’s FIVE, Mom.” But then as we watched Sarah take her first wobbly steps she changed her mind, “Well, if you get them for her now by the time she’s my age walking in them will be a piece of cake.”

Since we came home she’s been wearing them nonstop and I have to say, walking in them is already a piece of cake for this girly girl of mine.

When we paid for them, the lady asked if they were for a special occasion.  Sarah said “yes”, and when she then asked what the occasion was I said, “life”.

‘Tis true, ’tis true.


you are loved

4 thoughts on “what’s the special occasion? “life”

  1. I love to see your family in one shot, and best of all I love Sarah’s reason for getting high heels. 🙂 Life! You have taught her well.

  2. You must be doing something right. I’m so impressed that Jacob bought you a rose, and carnations for the girls. That is so sweet! My heart also warms a little every time I see these sweet young couple pictures…and the cousin pics are adorable. Congrats to Seth for winning the competition. Your life is very full, Shanda. 🙂 Love the shoes…both yours and Sarah’s. 🙂 Hope you are staying warm!!

  3. Wow! What a wonderful picture to hang! Beautiful! What a gentleman to buy his mom and sister flowers! Congrats to Seth. Great shoes of yours,and your little girls! Looks like you had a very busy,but very great weekend and Monday. Thankyou for sharing; ). Christina

  4. Cute shoes! Both mother and daughter. 😉
    Flowers from teenage sons…I love it. My oldest brought me roses a couple weeks ago when I sent him to the store for me. Melt my heart.
    That fireplace picture…what a big crowd!

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