day of snow


The first thing we all did this morning was check to see if there was a snow day and YES we had no school for the first time this winter.  The ground was already covered with fresh white snow.

Ethan shoveled the driveway.

Yesterday we had carpet guys come and start work replacing our carpet upstairs.  They did  half of the job and then had to come out today to do the rest while a multitude of snowflakes fell outside.  It was cozy inside with all the children and the workers.  I got busy in the kitchen.

I made two pans of apple crisp and a pot of clam chowder for lunch and invited them to eat with us.  One of the guys said my chowder was better than his wife’s.  He said he wouldn’t tell her though.




Grace took a nap on the couch despite all the hammering and noise.





Emily and Tessa came and Emily taught us how to make cake in a mug.


~New carpet~

(When the guys tried to leave they were stuck in the snowy driveway for a while)


There are piles of stuff still waiting to be put back away.  But I wanted to take a break and say hello to my bloggy friends.  It’s been a busy, lively day.  Happy Friday!


~you are loved~

“Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.”  Victor Hugo



6 thoughts on “day of snow

  1. Oh what a wonderful day! I remember snow days up north. Now in texas,everyone panics over a snow day lol.
    I know thoes workers were so glad for a home cooked lunch! How sweet! Your carpet looks great,and your pictures look lovely! Thankyou for sharing! Christina

  2. Yum, apple crisp and homemade clam chowder! So thoughtful of you to make lunch for the carpet installers! I’m sure that doesn’t happen very often. Your snowy days look so cozy…

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