victorian christmas


As promised, today I would like to show you the photos that I took at the Madrigal performance on Saturday.  The group sang at this old house-turned-museum, which was decorated to the hilt for Christmas.  The community had it open for the public to come in and enjoy, free of charge, with a donation box for those who could give a little.  There was also a small craft table for children to enjoy, a gift shop with reasonably priced Christmas items for sale, and refreshments.



small table tree, covered in decorations


paper dolls under the tree, artificial fruit bowl, ginger bread man, fruit garland.


This was a cobweb Christmas game.  The children would each have their own color yarn to follow and as they went along the string they would come across small gifts to keep.


the main Christmas tree, with examples of gifts all over the floor underneath.

The clothesline was hung in the house at Christmas so that the children could each hang their own pillowcase on it, which would have their name on it and be filled with gifts.


The dining room…I loved the wallpaper in this room.

Garland and bows hung all around the tops of the walls.


I have two fireplace mantles at my house so I love to see examples for how they can be beautified for the holidays.


Now this is something that I could handle….simply placing pinecones along the windows.

The day after we visited the museum Sarah and I went in the woods to find some.


Another lovely mantel.  So beautiful.  Sarah thought the oranges at the tops of the stockings looked funny.




This was a Christmas idea for Grandmother, called a wonder ball.  The family would unwind a ball of yard and then wind it back up again with little gifts inside of it for her to discover as she used it up in her knitting.


This pie plate was full of little gifts which were then covered over in bran.  Each person at the table on Christmas day would use the spoon to lift a surprise gift…


This is a variation of the bran pie.  This one is covered in paper with strings to pull a gift out through a slit in the paper.


“Festival decorations are not designed for close inspection but for general effect, and simple materials may be used with the most satisfactory results.”  Vicks Floral Guild 1879


Sarah and I had time to explore the house and then it was time to listen to the Madrigals sing their lovely old fashioned Christmas hymns and carols.


Grace signing “Silent Night”


The audience had to stand through all the songs and I did feel sorry for the elderly folks.  The man standing by the mantel propped himself up by his fingertips on the mantel…..but he loved hearing the children sing and at each invitation from the director to “please join us in singing this song” his beautiful old baritone voice could be heard singing.



Grace and I have been listening to a beautiful Christmas album by Elizabeth Mitchell while we work on a Nativity puzzle.  This is the song Grace wants to listen to over and over…….(the whole album is on youtube for you to enjoy)


I’m so homesick for Jesus and Heaven.  Isn’t it wonderful that this world is not our home….we’re just a passing through.  In the meantime, we can fix our eyes on Him and know He never leaves us alone.  He loves us so much.  At this time of year it’s comforting to snuggle up close to Him and thank Him for all He has done.

5 thoughts on “victorian christmas

  1. Amen. I’m with you on that, and thank you. Needed to hear that today.

    It looks like it was a fun event. I remember being in High School and going around to play Christmas Carols at various places. It was fun and I have very fond memories of it. We didn’t get to dress in such beautiful costumes, though.

    Hope you have a great week!

  2. Such a lovely house to visit this time of year with all the decorations and treasures! The girls are so pretty! I liked hearing all about it, and about the man singing along.
    My mom made us a spiderweb game for one birthday party. It was all over our family room. I don’t remember who’s BD it was, but I remember the game! It was a big hit, and all the kids got some sort of prize at the end of their string.
    Yes, I too am so thankful for Jesus, and resting and trusting in him.

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I really enjoyed seeing the house with displays of old Christmas customs and decorations. Especially the trees which have a very warm homespun and even folk-like appeal. Please tell Grace she looks lovely in the dress. Thank you also for the Thanksgiving card. 🙂 Will be looking into the Christmas album.

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