awesome recipe (macaroni and cheese with tomatoes)


(setting the table)

Last night’s dinner was exceptionally miraculous so I thought I better share.  I use the word miraculous because even though the dish had tomatoes in it, all seven children still ate it with vigor and healthy appetites.  They had nothing but good things to say.

Homemade macaroni and cheese is rather like a circus performance.  You have the macaroni that needs to be boiled in salted water for exactly 6 minutes, then you need to find your colander and drain it, all the while stirring the butter, flour, and milk base for the cheese sauce so it doesn’t burn to the bottom of the pan.  Cheese must be found in the fridge and grated, six cups.  Canned diced tomatoes from the pantry, a can opener, whisk, rubber spatula, wooden spoons, measuring cups and so on…. it’s non stop action until the oven door slams shut, your arms go up in victory, and the baking begins.


(This is Shanda’s blog so do I have to mention all seven kids running back and forth throughout the kitchen during the juggling act?  Every time Dave came near me to tell me something I said, “stir the sauce!”, he was honestly offended by it.)


I made peas and broccoli as side dishes and the kids gobbled up their veggies, too!


My first of three helpings.


It’s truly satisfying to see your loved ones diving into a good plate of food that you made yourself.

Jacob and Ethan talked nonstop, it was so good to see and hear them together since Jacob has been so busy with college and work and girlfriend.


Caleb and Seth both gave me a thumbs up!

(I don’t have photos of David or Grace.  Dave was grumpy because he had his braces tightened yesterday and his teeth were sore, and Grace was grumpy I think because she was exhausted and had a lot of homework to get done.  However, this was the perfect comfort meal for both of them, I must say.)


Scarlet fiesta vase with berries from outdoors, and paprika vegetable bowl (now empty!)


Ethan’s eating off a rose plate and drinking ice water from an ivory tumbler.


Sarah ate like a horsey, with multiple servings of macaroni and cheese and her veggies.

recipe here!


5 thoughts on “awesome recipe (macaroni and cheese with tomatoes)

  1. The kids are in break next week from college and school. I’ll be making mac n cheese. The tomatoes in it sound good! There’s nothing like feeding thoes you love,and seeing them eat with vigor and be full. Even if we do cook for an army! Lol. Hugs,

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