this was a good idea

Last night four of our seven children were away.  Two of them went to youth group and two of them went to see the movie “The Martian”.  Rich and I found ourselves at home with the three youngest ones, and as we worked on putting them to bed I started looking forward to some peace and quiet with my husband watching TV.  This thought naturally led to a craving for ice cream but alas, we didn’t have any.  As we passed each other on the stairs I may or may not have batted my eyes at him.  “Do you want to go downtown and get us some ice cream?  You don’t have to, but we don’t have any in the freezer and wouldn’t it be nice…..?”

Although he did make eye contact and listen to my request, he didn’t reply, only sneezed violently.  But as I tucked Sarah into bed and gave her a pillowcase with a soft tag, a drink of water, and a hug and kiss, I heard the front door open and shut and he was gone.

I didn’t have the chance to tell him exactly what kind of ice cream I was craving but I wasn’t worried, I assumed he would get a nice half gallon of whatever–cookie dough, maybe.

I tucked myself up into the corner of the couch with a blanket and the TV remote and in no time at all, in he walked with a weather report, “It’s COLD outside!” and his offerings.  Bending over the back of the couch, he reached into his shopping bag and handed me……a bunch of bananas…..which I immediately rejected.

But wait, there was more.  He next offered……..a container of Ben and Jerry’s, my favorite!

And then, another.

And another.

And another.

And another.

IMG_3438 1

He exceeded my wildest dreams.

8 thoughts on “this was a good idea

  1. LOVE Peanut Butter Cup! We can get Ben and Jerry’s here, but it costs A LOT ($10 for a pint) and they only have a few flavors. Your sweet husband is a great guy!

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