The news is this:  Ethan passed his drivers license test last Wednesday!

On Friday we picked him up early from school to get it from the DMV.



As usual, it took a very long time for our number to be called.


It was way past lunchtime and we were all so hungry.  This is a picture of Ethan after they called his name out to receive his license to drive.


To the right you see his Dad’s hand asking to hold it and see it.


He noticed me taking pictures with my phone and gave me an unappreciative but semi-amused look.


Proud Dad and oblivious brother.


Congratulations, my son.

6 thoughts on “news!news!news!

  1. Warm congratulations to the new driver! And why is it that DMVs are so incredible inefficient everywhere?!?! They waste so many people’s time and nervous energy.

  2. Congrats to him!! 🙂 They do it a little differently in California. The teen (or adult) gets a temporary paper license the day they pass the test, and then the official license comes in the mail three or four weeks later. And I agree with the person above, the DMV’s here are full of people and lines – every one of those chairs here would be filled! And yet still you had to wait … such is the DMV 🙂

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