a loving family, part 1



Yesterday was a nonblogging day because I had some intestinal issues and debit card woes.  I also had a little girl home from school with a fever and vomiting.  I was also distracted by a new kitten.  Also, Rich worked late.  I had laundry to do, a kitchen to scrub, floors to vacuum, a book to read, seven children to take care of…..and so, the day passed away and before I knew it I was falling asleep and it was *today*.


It will be another hot day here in New England, everything is dry, plants and humans alike.  I’m so sick of keeping my hanging baskets alive.  Consequently they are dead now and will be pitched into the trash.  There are schools in part of Connecticut which are closing early because of the heat.  Our school is not one of them and the boys still have football practice later.  I’m all for it.


Before we left for our trip on Friday I took a selfie with my dog.  He wasn’t too thrilled.  He feels very uncomfortable with getting his photo taken.


Did I mention that Sarah is home from school again today?  Her stomach is better but she still feels hot and has no energy.  She’s leaning on my arm watching Aristocats as I type.

The first thing we do when we drive back home to New York is go straight to Grandes.  My brother Dave, holding his motorcycle helmet, met us there.


Grace took this photo of the discussion Sarah and Uncle Dave were having about school.


Soon we were eating three large pizzas, the best pizza in the world as far as we are concerned.

After dinner we went to our hotel and the next morning was the family reunion for Rich’s side of the family.

I count my many blessings that I married into such a warm, down to earth, loving family.  I’m forever thankful to be born into a wonderful family, and to be married into another one.  Truly truly grateful.


It was the best day of letting the children run around with cousins as we sat and visited with everyone and ate good food, too.

Uncle Ed grilled hamburgers and hot dogs.

Mom Leslie brought her family favorite couscous salad.

We had baked beans, plums right off someone’s tree, all kinds of salads, watermelon, cake, all the good picnic foods.


Grace took this one, too.


We had the picnic at a beautiful quiet park.



Here is a nice picture of Dad with some of his many boys….son Jason, grandsons Ethan, Taevan, Noah, and Austin.


Dad’s sister Phyllis, (the quintessential aunt) with Sarah and me…..I think Sarah looks so much like her.

I didn’t get pictures of everyone.  Uncle Bob and Aunt LouAnn were there, Roberta, Marcie, Uncle John and Aunt Edith, and so many others.


little nephew, Austin.



collecting acorns



Three of Jason and Mary’s four children.  It’s a joy to see Rich’s brothers as family men….they married good women and are good husbands and fathers.


The kids had lots of fun on this slide all day long.




Aunt Phyllis had my iPhone and took about 35 pictures without ever being convinced she was doing it right.  It was fun.

Rich’s Dad Willie and step-Mom Leslie (mom of our hearts) with their children….Rich, Dan, and Jason, daughters in law,  and grandchildren.


The addition of Uncle Ed (in the hat) and Aunt Phyllis was made possible by a nice young lady that came over and offered to take a photo for us.  I love how Aunt Phyllis and Dad are at each end…sister and brother…

I posted this picture on FB and caught Rich studying it for a long time and finally saying, “I really love this picture, Shan.”

It’s sometimes a pain to get everyone together for a portrait but it’s so worth it.  Family is a treasure and each photo-reminder brings a softening to the heart with thankfulness to God for each adventure together.


Saying our farewells.


Until the next time!

God be with you.


The love in our family
flows strong and deep,
Leaving us memories
to treasure and keep.

5 thoughts on “a loving family, part 1

  1. Beautiful! That’s funny school being closed for the heat. We close in texas for possible snow lol
    Hope everyone starts to feel better!:) Christina

  2. Looks like a such a fun family reunion. I love how you share Shanda. Riches comment about loving the photo really brought out the tenderness of family together.

  3. Where in N.Y. is this “best pizza” place? My husband will be traveling south from ME, & I’d appreciate having some good pizza. Thanks!

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