we have a new kitten


Feeling incredibly lazy at the moment because I am so gosh tired.

We have been gone all weekend, Jacob drove his car “back home” to NY for the first time and ugh was it stressful (for me) but he did an awesome job.  He’s a natural driver, it seems.  After all, he is 18 and a half years old, it’s time to drive and he’s doing it well.

We had two hotel rooms side by side with the kids.  Jacob and Ethan shared a bed, Seth and Caleb slept on couch cushions on the floor, Grace and Sarah shared a sofa bed, Dave had a sofa bed to himself, and Rich and I slept together in the other bedroom.

The hotel free breakfast diningroom used white fiesta!

We were in NY for a family reunion.  I’m going to post pictures probably tomorrow of the weekend but now that we are home, I only have time and energy to show you our new baby.


He has no name yet!   We are thinking about Smoky or Michael.  Rich calls him Smut (a noun meaning,  “small flake of soot or other dirt”)  He’s a little boy and we got him from my Aunt Carol’s house.  My cousin Katie was giving him away.  Isn’t he adorable?


He rode home with Jacob, Ethan, and Grace.  He came with a box.  He threw up and went to the bathroom in it during the ride.


He seems fine now that he’s out of the car.  Here he is, watching a little TV.

He’s also taken a nap with me which was very relaxing for us both.  I could feel his tiny body snuggled into my back and when I woke up he purred for the first time at his new house.

He watched the ceiling fan go ’round and ’round and he started getting playful.  He batted at my eye as I read my book.


This new kitty belongs to our Dave, who has never had his very own animal.

Dave’s birthday is the end of the month so I guess you could say this is an early present.

DSC_0907“A cat purring on your lap is more healing than any drug in the world, as the vibrations you are receiving are of pure love and contentment.”  ~St. Francis Agassi

“I only want one cat said no crazy cat lady ever.”

“I love him, Mom.”  ~Dave


9 thoughts on “we have a new kitten

  1. HI Shanda …What a beautiful kitty …I have 4 cats so a total cat lover …I think I would call him ‘ SOOTY’ …he looks so cuddly like he just came down from the chimney covered in soot …have fun with him ….love your new baby Dave XX

    • I told Dave the name you suggested. He still is undecided but thought it was a very cute option! We have four cats, too. I couldn’t do without at least one in the house!

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