Jacob and Ethan attend the prom

It’s the season for

pinxter bushes in bloom, (Seth and I went for a walk yesterday and brought back some for a vase)

lady slippers, (Joanna sent me a picture)

baltimore orioles, (I saw one this weekend, finally)

and the P R O M…….


Just a few short years ago (October, 2006 to be exact) Jacob and Ethan looked like this::


On Friday……..they looked like this (in the same location- the rock they were sitting on is on the far right of the picture):::



Of course I had to take a ton of pictures of them looking sharp in their tuxes.  They looked quite handsome, my mama heart was just bursting with pride.



These two boys are one grade apart at school.  Jacob is Senior and Ethan is a Junior.  Jacob’s girlfriend is in Ethan’s grade and she invited Jacob to Jr.Prom, which is how the two boys were both attending together.

They are only 14 months apart and very close.  They have done everything together, every step of the way, except now Jacob has entered the land of romantic love, leaving Ethan rolling his eyes and getting used to Jacob spending every spare minute with Emily.




Ethan, wearing his class ring.


Me, with E



Me with Jacob


I love this one of the boys with their Dad.


Rich took this one with his phone, it’s quite terrible quality, but great because I’m with my boys.




They were using the windows as mirrors.  They were feeling mighty good about their looks.


Emily’s beautiful corsage was made by a florist in town.



After I took the pictures in the driveway of our house, Emily’s mom came and picked up Ethan and Jacob.  Grace was with Emily and some other girls, helping them to get ready.  Emily’s mom picked up the girls, too, while Rich and I drove to the Gazebo to meet them.  The Gazebo is the traditional place for the students to take pictures before traveling on to the prom venue.

We found Ethan first, and Grace jumped in for a photo with her dear brother.


They looked so stiff and formal I requested that he put his arm around his sister.


And now I just sit and stare at this picture which is probably one of my all time favorites. Grace is one step down in age from Ethan.  They are a little less than 2 years apart but Grace is a Sophomore in High School because she started school when she was 4.


And then we saw Jacob walking toward us with his beautiful date……




Emily was so excited, she wanted a picture with everyone.

Here she is with Sarah:


With Caleb:


with Ethan:


with her Mom:


with me:


I’m not going to post the one with Seth because it ended up too bright.  And there is no picture with David because he ran and hid.

Here is the one with Rich and Grace:





I kinda wish I had thought of taking a picture of the entire gazebo, but I did get some nice shots of them inside of it.  Ethan did not take a date, but one of the girls from their group was also going along single so they did end up with an even number of friends to eat and dance with all night.  Jacob and Emily, Ethan, Bridgette, Marissa and Tom.





I told them I wanted to see their pretty shoes and got quite a surprise….


Emily wasn’t wearing any.


pretty pretty eyes


Grace with the big brother she adores.


Seth hung around watching everyone, and Sarah kept seeing princesses everywhere.

Jacob, Ethan, and Emily walked away to mingle and get ready to go eat.  Rich and I left with backward glances with the other children and headed home, happy to know that our dear boys were going to have a most wonderful time.  The next morning we heard all about it and Ethan was still in a dancing mood.

The Lord is my strength and shield; my heart trusts in Him, and I am helped.  My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to Him in song.  Psalm 28:7



9 thoughts on “Jacob and Ethan attend the prom

  1. The boys (young men now) are so handsome, taking right after their Dad! It’s such a thrill having seen them grow up over the years. Emily is just adorable. I love, love, love, her dress. What exciting times for your family ahead as graduations start coming, more proms, college, etc. thanks for sharing your family with us.

  2. Beautiful memories to treasure forever. I love the bouquet and bare feet! You’re boys are so handsome and Emily so pretty! Hugs, christina

  3. Beautiful pictures and what wonderful memories. I remember seeing the pictures you posted of your boys when they were that little! It’s like I have watched your kids grow up without having met them. Such handsome guys and Grace has grown into such a pretty young lady! I love how they love each other. ❤

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