greetings from the sick house


Saturday.  Myriah’s last day with us.  Oh how we enjoyed having this beautiful girl stay with us during her spring break.  She fit right into the family…we had such fun.  My favorite memory of her visit was her genuine interest in our family photos.  We spent a cozy afternoon looking at hundreds of pictures together, she would take her phone out and take pictures of her favorites.


Mitch brought Ethan home from baseball practice and the kids played some basketball together on the driveway.


Sunday.  I was unfortunately coming down with the flu.  Remember how I wrote the other day about Grace being sick?  We took her to the docs again on Saturday and she was tested for flu and it was positive.  So that’s what we are dealing with here.  I have spent most of the last two days in bed.  Yesterday was  my personal first day of sickness and it wasn’t as bad as today has been….the weather was absolutely gorgeous so I ventured outside now and then.  I just had to see what the kids were up to.  Emily and Jacob were in their own little world in the canoe, determined to break up the last of the ice on the little pond.  I sat on the dock to watch and be amused.

Look who joined me after she woke up from her nap.


She adores Emily and said to me, “Let’s just sit here and watch Emily until she gets back out of the boat.”  You know what else she did?  She asked me if she could make a wish with a rock.  I said no, only with a penny.  So when Emily did get back out of the boat, she gave Sarah a penny to throw in the pond to make a wish.  She wished for “a cat pet” of her own.  She is still wondering today when it will come true.


Soon Ethan appeared.  He got his first phone on Saturday…. a rite of passage for today’s teen.


Emily and Jacob moved to the other pond for more canoeing.


I was thrilled when Rich pointed out this butterfly to me.  It was glorious to see, I love how it looks like it is truly edged in gold….and those beautiful blue spots along the wings.  So masterfully designed in every way.


Seth played catch with anyone he could possible get to play with him.  At one point we had five children all playing…I had to move back out of fear of getting hit by the ball.


This morning was rough.  After a terrible night’s sleep I got up to get some tea and almost passed out.  I broke out in a cold sweat, turned white, and was sick to my stomach.  Rich was getting ready for work and I asked him if he could please stay home….the children are on spring break and I didn’t know how I could care for them properly.  He graciously agreed and was able to take the boys to practice, go to the store, he bought the little boys a whiffle ball set which kept them busy outside….although I am sick it has been a wonderful day.  The best part of being temporarily sick is the blessing of slowing down.  Looking around the room.  Listening to the conversations. Having people come in to visit me.  Having the dog lay on the floor next to my bed, faithfully.  The cat giving itself a bath at my feet.  Reading a book.

The picture is something Grace drew for me today, I asked her to add a verse and now it’s by my side of the bed on my nightstand.  Along with all my drinks and vaseline for my dry lips.


There is the nicest cat curled up at the end of the bed.



Jacob is making dinner tonight; maple salmon and broccoli.  It smells so good.  The windows in my bedroom are all open for nice cool air.  The children have run wild today and it’s been so good for them to spend most of the day outside.  Seth crashed about half an hour ago on the couch, he’s sound asleep at Ethan’s feet.

Ethan’s getting sick now, poor boy.

17 thoughts on “greetings from the sick house

  1. How”unfair”to be sick on a gorgeous Spring day!Hope you are soon feeling better and that it leaves your house pronto!

    • Thank you, Loaine. Today is a bit drizzly outside, it seems like it will be a cozy day to be on the couch. I’m feeling a little bit better and have the children helping out around the house. 🙂

  2. 7 you are sure blessed with wonderful kids that help out, and a great husband too! Hope you get to feeling better! Christina

    • I always enjoy your comments. Thank you, Christina. I am blessed for sure. Jacob is currently vacuuming and his girlfriend is folding laundry. 🙂 Hope you are well. Saying a prayer that you have a nice day today!

  3. Sorry you were sick! Most of us got the flu about a month ago….longest week ever but it looks like you had a lot going on to entertain you. Hope you all feel better soooon.

    • We have already battled one round of the flu and then this second one, it’s amazing how sick my family has been this winter…but we are usually so healthy. I’m thankful for that. Have a good day today, friend!

  4. I hope everyone is well soon. Strangely flu has just hit our household with my son being quite ill. I am hoping to escape it! That is a gorgeous butterfly. It does indeed, look edged in gold. 🙂

    • Hi Kara, I vow to get the flu shot every year now. This has been a terrible week, but through it all God has brought an answer to EVERY need! I’ll blog about eventually. For now, I thank you for your prayers and checking in! I hope you are well. I like to think of you and your hubby and wonder what you’re doing on your homestead! Hope the chickens are laying happily for you!

  5. Dear Shanda, I read you often but I’ve never left a comment…thank you for sharing your beautiful photos ! Today I’m at home (I work in a office) beacuse my third daughter in sick ! I’m sorry for her but it’s a good occasion to stay together, reading a book, drinking a tea….I hope you are better now ! Cinzia, from Italy

    • Dear Cinzia, Hi! thank you so much for writing to me. welcome to the blog! I love hearing from people who are visiting my site. I hope your daughter feels better very soon and that you enjoy your time together drinking tea and reading. I am still sick but hope to be fully recovered within a few days. Good to hear from you! Love, Shanda

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