{this moment} home life

Rich and I were on the couch, I was resting my head against his shoulder and listening to the beautiful sound of my children singing together in the other room…..I never dreamed I would be sick this long (this is the 6th day).   I am very sleepy and weak.  It took much strength this morning just to take this video of Grace and Ethan singing….such is the pull of music.



10 thoughts on “{this moment} home life

  1. I love it, Shanda! It’s so wonderful to see kids pulling together in music when sometimes they’re fighting otherwise. (Maybe yours don’t do that.) I just took a video of two of mine singing and playing piano the other day–but had to promise not to post it. 🙂

    I am so sorry that you’ve been ill so long. I loved it on facebook the other day that you were brave enough to ask for help and so many people were there to join in. What a lovely community of friends you have. Feel better soon, dear.

  2. I’m so sorry you’re sick, my friend. Ethan and Grace sound terrific! You must be so proud…

    I’m praying for your quick and complete recovery – hang in there!

  3. Oh how lovely to have music around you – and they’re very talented which is even nicer! I do hope you feel better soon – it’s horrid to be ill for so long

  4. Bless you my friend. So glad you have Rich and the kids to surround you with the good, and take care of you. Loved the video! Hoping and praying you feel better soon. Love to you.

  5. It’s been many moons since a little barefoot boy named Ethan snuck up on me looking for his brown dog, he got to within 8 ft of me in my back yard before I saw him, walks like a Indian, miss youall..turned 80 last month,mary and I are looking foward to many moons together..God willing…

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