happy birthday emily

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.  James 1:17

Dear Emily,

You have been Jacob’s girlfriend for almost a year and I just wanted to take the opportunity to write you a little note, thanking you for who you are and what you have added to Jacob’s life, with your love.  I am thankful for you and that God has brought you into Jacob’s life and consequently our family’s life.

The kids adore you.  Well, maybe not Ethan, but you know Ethan is harmless and he does certainly LIKE you, even though you take up too much of Jacob’s time and the two of you talk on the phone at night too much, causing Ethan to sleep on the couch at times.  He also would appreciate a little less personal displays of attention when he is in the room, right?    But yes, despite all that, I know that deep down inside Ethan is also glad that you are Jacob’s girlfriend.  After all, you do a great job of turning the PS3 on and off for him.

Of all the children, Sarah especially loves her Emily.  She woke up this morning remembering that it is your birthday, and she searched the house looking for things to give you.  One of the things she picked out was a ring out of my jewelry box.  I told her to color you a picture instead and she said accusingly, “MOM!  That’s not a birthday present!”  I’m not sure, I might have to take her out shopping, unless you really DO want one of her stuffed animals?  She wants to give you Pepper (her black cat with the buggy eyes).  She wants to know when you’re going to get here and if we are making your cake.  She says she wishes you could spend the night.

I went through some of my photos from the last few months and picked out some of my favorites.

You are such a special young lady, Emily, and don’t ever forget that!

Parker the dog also wanted me to be sure to tell you that he adores you.  He’s hoping you bring him one of those dog cookies soon.  (woof)

Dad will be home from his business trip around 7:30 so he won’t miss your party, either.



First Christmas together.





family nap time



Parker the dog.


Jacob playing with Emily’s hair and reading her Edgar Allen Poe.  She’s wearing his pajamas and hiding from the camera.  They have also read Macbeth, the Bible, and I’m not sure what else.  I love that they read together.


When she asked him to the prom, on Jacob’s birthday, December 31.  She’s having a great time trying on Prom dresses whenever she can.




One day this winter they decided to paint.  And they each painted the other’s EYE.  Emily painted Jacob’s and Jacob painted Emily’s.  It was the most amusing thing to observe them….they would keep looking into each other’s eyes but only as an art subject.  LOL  This painting is currently hanging in Jacob and Ethan’s room and it’s labeled “Jacob’s Eye.  Emily’s Eye.”  It cracks me up.


Wearing his sweatshirt.


After a wrestling match.


Reading to Seth and Sarah.


Making brownies after school, giving Sarah a taste of the batter.


I took this one yesterday.  Superman isn’t smiling because Superman doesn’t smile.  You can see the love that Sarah has for Emily.

Happy Birthday, Emmeline!

5 thoughts on “happy birthday emily

  1. HaPpY Birthday to Emily! What a beautiful girl.
    She seems to fit right in with your family…especially the reading together! That must make your heart melt. 😉 You are a sweet and thoughtful Mom Shanda. 🙂

  2. So sweet both the gift of Emily to your family, and the gift of a mom of her boyfriend like you. You both are very blessed! Christina

  3. Awwwwwwwww these pictures remind me of me and my husband (we have been together since we were 15). I LOVE the family nap picture!!!!!!

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