Our mailbox peeks out from a snowbank just like the majority of our neighbor’s mailboxes.  I saw one that was wrapped around and around with duck tape, in a furious attempt to keep it from being broken off by the snowplows.

We haven’t had snowfall in a few days but what we have, old snow, is deep and interesting.  Caleb’s school assembly was put off until the end of March because there is too much snow piled in the parking lot and as a result, not enough room for people to park.


Sarah keeps busy indoors.  She especially enjoys making herself a house out of all the couch cushions.  It’s good harmless fun and she’s always thoughtful to include her stuffed animals.


This is the look Parker always gives me when I go into the kitchen.  “Are you about to give me a treat?”


Another thing Sarah likes to do is have hot chocolate under the table.


I made scalloped potatoes and ham yesterday for dinner.


With ham from a pig that Rich’s Dad raised and butchered for us.  Delicious.


Dusted with paprika right before covering it with foil, popping it into the oven and heading off to the library.


She wore it in the car but not in the library, thankfully.


Our library looks different in the Winter.



Caleb requested books about Football.  It’s his latest passion and interest, although he assured me that does still like snakes.

I usually peruse the “NEW” bookshelf and there were some absolutely delightful books to borrow.  I read them out loud last night.

The Lion and the Bird.  A Lion helps an injured bird and they spend the winter together and become friends.  A sweet book with lots of pages of thoughtful illustrations.  Heartwarming.

What to Do When You’re Sent to Your Room, Moms of boys will laugh through this one.  I loved it.

Go to Sleep, Little Farm.  Gorgeous artwork and a lovely soothing story, creatively worded and a joy to read aloud.

Sam and Dave dig a Hole.  If only they knew what they kept missing!  I read this to Seth and he said, “Read it again!” which is a sure sign of a good book.  Drink chocolate milk and eat animal crackers while reading.

I Wish I had a Pet.  Illustrated with whimsical pictures of felt mice and other animals.  Very creative and my favorite book from the stack.


Davy’s vinegar egg experiments continue!  This one is being turned to “rubber”.  He is greatly influenced by youtube videos and he made his own tutorial.


Seth got home from school and got cozy on Sarah’s couch cushions with the remote.



Sarah’s been taking trips to the garage to ride her bike.  She’s never out there for very long.  She’s funny.




Grace has a leak in her ceiling so Rich went up on the roof to shovel off some of the snow and ice.


He said that when he was a teenager he and a couple friends drove around hiring themselves out, shoveling roofs after a heavy snowfall.  They made a good bit of money doing it, too.

These pictures were all taken yesterday.  Today Jacob is home with a bad cold.  He is currently sleeping on the couch.  Sarah and I are in the new room listening to iTunes “Princess Radio”.  I have a sleeping cat by my side.  David and Ethan will be home soon because they have a half day of school.

I have a 3:45 appointment to get my hair done.

How are you today?

Hope you have a wonderful day and spend a little time nurturing yourself.  You are loved, my friends!


scalloped potatoes and ham, my favorite way to make them
soft ginger cookies  (easy–I didn’t even bother using the mixer)

7 thoughts on “snow

  1. Hi, Shanda. I am working on prep for a Journaling by 5’s project. You can google that on youtube. Messy, but fun…and pushes me not to overthink my journaling pages. Besides…I have several composition books sitting empty and it seems like they needed some attention/art work. Nice post. Enjoy the hair appt. Mine is next week. Just another chip chop on my short hair. 😉

  2. Do you layer the ham between layers of potatoes? I’ve never yet been pleased with my scalloped potatoes, so I should try this recipe. Thanks!

  3. Last year my daughter on the east coast sent me a text saying “It’s snowing” with a smiley face, and today she sent me a similar text with a sad face. And she is in VA and does not have nearly as much snow as you do! That mailbox photos is quite something..

  4. Oh my! I can’t imagine dealing with that much snow! Thanks for the scalloped potato recipe. I was just thinking about making scalloped potatoes and ham again, and may have to give this recipe a try.

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