grace the amazing corn bag maker

“I will love you forever and a day.”


Grace sat in front of the sewing machine last night and whipped up the remainder of her corn-bags to give as holiday gifts to her friends in Madrigals at school. 

She sure knows how to get things done, this girl of ours.  To begin with, she went through all my fabric and carefully chose just the right piece of material for each person, cut them out, ironed them, and put them in a neat stack by the machine.

When she ran out of corn she wouldn’t let up until I drove her back to Agway to buy more.  We came home with a 50 pound bag of it.  (anyone want a corn bag?)

She did everything herself, except, sadly, remedy the sewing machine problems.  The first problem was the foot fell off (gruesomely).  Then, she called me to come retrieve the bobbin thread four separate times (kept getting itself lost).  As much I I hated leaving my book, I was honestly pretty happy that I was (only) called five times.  She had the machine going as fast as she could and she completed about 15 last night, in a final rush to get the project completed.

When she was done I took a couple pictures of her beautiful work.  I’ve made corn bags before, but not this many at once.  Mama was impressed.



As soon as I took the picture she jumped up, put them all in bag, laughingly realized it was so heavy that Jacob would have to help her get them to school in the morning, and took them into the living room to sit with us and chat while she labeled them with tape and a sharpie.


“do feel
a little
at least
twice a day”
~dottie angel

8 thoughts on “grace the amazing corn bag maker

  1. Wonderful job grace! How sweet! I use my corn bag several times a day, & my kids like it when they’re not feeling well.
    🙂 Christina

  2. Very good Grace!! Machine problems are really the worst. It’s so frustrating to sit down an want to finish up a project and be delayed by mechanical problems.

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year Shanda!

  3. I need to try this. I always have cold toes. I have a whole giant farm bin of corn right outside my window. I’m thinking sensory tub for the 3yo in the basement while the winter winds blow!

    This post makes me want a girl of my own. And it makes me want to read a book.
    Hugs from MN!!!

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