more snowflake photography








I went outside yesterday morning and saw that the snowflakes were just right for a few more photography attempts.

In other news, the boys have a wrestling meet tonight.  Ethan, as usual, is doing things the exciting way.  He cannot find his singlet here at home so he’s hoping it’s at school in the locker room.  He won’t know for sure until he gets there!  Fun times!

I took all the ornaments off the tree today while the rabbit was playing under it.

The rabbit chewed through 1) a strand of lights  2) Rapunzel the (brand new) Barbie’s nose.  It’s completely off, rather looking like it was shaved with a razor.

I finished reading Unbroken.  It was excellent.

11 thoughts on “more snowflake photography

  1. gorgeous snowflakes. I was wondering how cold it was there today. My sister Cathy, said -31 when they got up, and warmed up to -22.
    We still have Christmas up around here. Planning to take it down this weekend when I can get Bob to bring up the boxes. I think we are the only people in the neighborhood with lights still up. 🙂 One side of our tree dried out, so Bob got underneath and twirled the tree around so the good side faced the room. That is getting our maximum enjoyment out of it!

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