three days in

17 thoughts on “three days in”

    1. Received your encouraging note today….thank you SO much….I’m kind of sad thinking that somehow the entire comment went out as a notification to this blog’s followers! 😦 I’ll write you back, but I just wanted you to know your understanding words were healing.

  1. Lol you gave a recipe and you have to walk around with them to get them consumed? I am sorry that just struck my funny bone a little. ;).

    Love the art!

  2. one of the things i love about your seeing the “seasons” at your home! Living in the southeast…we are usually a few weeks behind you and we rarely see the ice and snow. I always wondered if we would love and appreciate the winter weather as much if we had it more often…so it made me smile to see that your kids still get excited about the “firsts”!
    Also, i love your little writer! My oldest daughter signed a major piece of furniture with a sharpie marker when she was just 4 years old. It was actually the first time that she ever wrote her name correctly..she was quite proud. 😊 I just smiled and thought to myself how precious that would be in a few years. (i think i smiled in order to keep from crying😁) Well, she just turned 27 and that little signature is still where she left it. I actually dust carefully in order to preserve it! It is one of my greatest treasures in our home❤️. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  3. I loved reading about the first ice and thought how sweet to bag it for later to share!!
    We got a bit of ice here as well, it feels sooo cold!
    Bunny is cute! I’m sure it’s loving the parsley!
    Number learning is great, paper just isn’t as fun to practice on!!
    Pumpkin cookies sound good, I’ve been making pumpkin bars with cream cheese icing, so yummy!

    1. The wall is every convenient sometimes. I am happy to report that the children all seemed thankful for the ice, but I think only Seth ate his. 🙂 Your pumpkin bars sound really good.

  4. LOL! I had to laugh about Seth. 🙂 …but he’s not practicing on my walls. Oh, my. If I was the Mom, I don’t think I would have been able to recount his actions as sweetly as you did.

    Sweet Sarah…so nice of her to want to share the ice with her brothers and sisters, and it’s packaged so nicely, too. I’ll bet they were excited to get it.

  5. Coming from hot sunny Queensland, my immediate thought when I saw the first pic was that someone had broken a glass window and you are brave to let a child hold the piece. Snow and ice just doesn’t really spring quickly to my mind! It was around 40C here last week, and it’s only spring, but the last couple of days have only been in the high 20s.

    My kids have grown up now but I still remember their interesting “wall” art vividly! And their attempts at hair cutting…and flushing things down the toilet!

    Pumpkin scones are actually quite popular here in Queensland. They are delicious. 🙂

    1. It does look like glass now that you mention it! Oh yes, the hair cutting and flushing are all very familiar with moms of little ones. Hope you have a great day!

  6. We got some below freezing temps here one night. I love cozy that the cold comes with. Each season unveils new aspects of creation that I enjoy and love. Thanks for sharing the fun of the first ice of the season.

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